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29th June 07, 04:33 AM
Australia says no to job for Prince William

CANBERRA (Reuters) - Australia's political leaders say Prince William is unsuitable to be their country's governor-general because he lacks the right pedigree.

Tina Brown, author of a new book about William's late mother Diana, has said that the young prince would like to be Australia's next governor-general -- a position his father Prince Charles coveted but was denied in the 1980s.

But Prime Minister John Howard, an avowed monarchist who successfully faced down a 1999 referendum vote for Australia to break its ties to London and become a republic, moved quickly on Friday to rule out the young prince as a future governor-general.

"We have for a long time embraced the idea that the person who occupies that post should be in every way an Australian citizen," Howard told Australian radio.

Pro-republic Labour party leader Kevin Rudd agreed, Australian Associated Press reported, saying there were many Australians who had contributed to the life of the nation and who would be more suitable for the role. Earlier, Rudd told Southern Cross radio: "There is a great place for the British royals and it's in Britain".

Australia's governor-general acts as head of state and commander-in-chief of the nation's defence forces, representing the British monarch in the constitution.
Charles showed interest in the job in the 1980s, but was rejected by then Labour prime minister Bob Hawke.

In the first 50 years of Australian independence from Britain after 1901, the job regularly went to British noblemen appointed from London.

When the first Australian-born governor-general, former High Court Chief Justice Isaac Isaacs, was named in 1931, the move was opposed by King George V and created considerable tension between Canberra and Buckingham Palace.

In 1945, the late king's third son, Prince Henry William Frederick Albert, Duke of Gloucester, Earl of Ulster and Baron Culloden, became Australia's first post war governor-general.

When he left in 1947, Prime Minister Ben Chifley, who used to drive trains for a living, declared he wanted a governor-general "without pomp and plumes and social glitter".

Chifley appointed an ex-boilermaker and leftist Labour politician, William McKell, to replace the duke.

A country founded as a penal colony tells the heir to the English throne that he doesn't have "the right pedigree", the irony of this story is so delicious I wish they sold it in pints!

29th June 07, 04:45 AM
Good for them! Cheers to australia!!!!!

29th June 07, 04:59 AM

29th June 07, 05:39 AM
A country founded as a penal colony tells the heir to the English throne that he doesn't have "the right pedigree", the irony of this story is so delicious I wish they sold it in pints!

Whatever it was that made the English empire great - you don't have it.

Back to your mine, prole.

29th June 07, 05:58 AM
Whatever it was that made the English empire great - you don't have it.
All I need is a red coat.

Back to your mine, prole.
Can't, flooded:

29th June 07, 06:52 AM
Yes, I saw that on the news. We're flooding here, too.


*blob bloob blub blib blib*

Don "Jive Turkey" Gwinn
29th June 07, 11:39 AM
What am I missing here? He's NOT Australian, is he?

30th June 07, 07:02 AM
the governor general must be:

a. australian

b. of the highest pedigree, AND

c. a boilermaker. or traindriver. or alcoholic. alcoholism is a proud tradition here.

The yard glass has had a significant effect on Australian drinking and popular culture. The ritual of the yard-glass sculling competition (who can empty the contents of the glass the fastest) is predominant in, but not restricted to, Australian "bogan" culture. It is also popular among university students.

Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke was at one time the world record holder, for fastest sculling of a yard of beer.[3]

It is a popular tradition to receive a yard glass as a gift for coming of age celebrations on one's 18th birthday in Australia and 21st birthday in New Zealand.

it is customary in australia to get blind drunk and pick a fight after getting voted in as prime minister:


30th June 07, 04:04 PM
The Governor-General's house, Yarralumla, wasn't named after an indigenous word. It's the sound of each drunken resident mispronouncing 'You're a lovely...' to a glass of brandy.

30th June 07, 09:27 PM

I think Prince Harry would represent us better...

1st July 07, 02:42 AM
Because he's a nazi and a service dodger?