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28th June 07, 05:08 PM
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Stroudsburg Area Regional Police are investigating complaints of a private golf outing featuring lap dance stations, threesomes and naked women at the Cherry Valley Golf Course on Monday.
Neighbors called police after Dave Gold, 20, and a 17-year-old female were denied access to the road shared by the golf course and the home of Gold's friend, Will Croasdale, 19.
Gold said an employee of the course told him a private golf tournament was taking place, and the road was closed.
When Gold argued, he said he was first told by the employee "I'll kick your ass," followed by "I'll break your neck."
Gold and Croasdale shot videotape and still photos of the activities on the course from Cherry Valley Road, which showed partially clothed females performing lap dances for golfers and sex acts on each other.
Golfers were seen taking photos of the performances.
"They had stations around the course, with lawn chairs and blankets laid out," Croasdale said.
Both Croasdale and Gold saw several golfers give money to the women.
At one station, the two men overheard the women say "this is a pay to play station."
Four SARP officers were met in the golf course parking lot by course owner Gene Percudani, who said the course was closed for a private party.
He added that if the men saw anything it was because they were on the course without permission.
The men said they were on the public road when they took the video and pictures.
The police asked to speak with the women who were allegedly having sex. A tense exchange between the police and Percudani followed, with Percudani saying he wanted to call his attorney.
About 30 minutes later, Marshall Anders, a local attorney who represents Percudani, arrived at the course and disappeared into the clubhouse.
Two officers were also taken inside the clubhouse.
Several moments later, a woman who identified herself as being in charge of the women on the course was summoned into the clubhouse to meet with police.
The group consisted of dancers and customers of CR Fannys Gentlemen's Club in Wilson, according to one of the women present.
The Web site stripclubcentral.com lists CR Fanny's as featuring female dancers in pasties and a minimum guest age of 21 and over.
One guest of the party said he was a friend of one of the club's clients.
Some guests left in an oversized black stretch limo.
Others boarded a charter bus waiting in the parking lot.
"It's not clear whether any laws were broken," according to SARP officer Paul Gasper.
Officer Ruben Torres, another one of the responding officers wouldn't comment further, saying "this is an ongoing investigation."
Neighbors said this wasn't the first time the course closed for one of these private parties.
Red Featherman, whose property borders Cherry Valley Golf Course, said he isn't very happy about the day's activities.
"My granddaughter rides her bike in the woods on our property and I don't want here to be exposed to that kind of thing."
Attempts to speak to Percudani at the scene and to contact him afterward were unsuccessful.

On the green, in the buff Here are some recent sex golf course cases from across the country:
Lakeside Golf Country Club, Calif.: A woman golfer sued the club last year for having naked women serve drinks to club members on the golf course during the annual Kelly Cup tournament.
Country Lakes Golf Club, Naperville, Ill.: The club surrendered its liquor license in 2005 after an outing which included strippers and exotic dancers. Neighbors complained.
Virginia National Golf Club, Leesburg and Hope Valley Golf Course, Mount Airy, Md.: Tabloid TV show "Inside Edition" in 2004 showed video shot from a helicopter of naked women serving drinks to golfers.
Compiled by Susan Koomar (Pocono Record)

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There should be a Bill Foster for every golf course.

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(Link to video in article!)

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this is the only way those girls know how to make money. :(