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27th June 07, 09:03 PM
OMG OMG OMG, please let this be true:

Led Zeppelin Reportedly Ready to Fly Again
Jun 26, 2007

http://www.guitarworld.com/sites/future.p2technology.com/files/imce-images/news-zeppelin_may_reunite.jpgThe word is nearly official: according to World Entertainment News sources, rock legends Led Zeppelin are planning to reunite and may launch a tour next year.

Sources close to the Zeppelin camp say members Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones plan to reunite for a one-off memorial concert in London for Ahmet Ertegun, the Atlantic Records founder who died in 2006.

"Page, Plant and Jones spoke and agreed to do the memorial concert,” says the source. “They are waiting for a definite date."

Led Zeppelin recorded on Atlantic, and the group’s label, Swan Song, was a subsidiary of the Atlantic label.

In addition, if all goes well, the group have reportedly agreed to follow up the memorial concert with a tour in 2008. “It has been hoped for and denied for years,” says the source. “But this is the closest they have ever come to a reunion tour. The feeling is that this is going to happen next year.”

Led Zeppelin's members have performed only on a few occasions since they broke up in 1980 following the death of drummer John Bonham. Reportedly, Page, Plant and Jones will perform with Bonham’s son, Jason, for the Ertegun concert and tour.

Rumors of a reunion tour previously surfaced in 2003 when Page, Plant and Jones reconvened to announce the release of the triple live album How the West Was Won and video collection Led Zeppelin DVD.


Link. (http://www.guitarworld.com/article/led_zeppelin_reportedly_ready_to_fly_again)

Excuse me while I go pee my pants as this is one of the most awesome things ever.

If this does pan out, there is no way in hell that I will not be seeing them live. My second favorite band of all time.....


27th June 07, 09:17 PM
I saw Plant and Page about ten years ago when they were on tour. Good concert, even with Plant forgetting the words now and then . . .

28th June 07, 12:11 AM
No John Bonham, no Led Zeppelin

28th June 07, 12:24 AM
I know what you mean but I'll take what I can get.

28th June 07, 05:36 AM
The live version of Kashmir on No Quarter was pretty sweet. I don't suppose Hossam Ramzy will be with them this time 'round tho.


28th June 07, 04:49 PM
No John Bonham, no Led Zeppelin

I'd buy that equation if we were talking about Keith Moon and The Who.

The drumming on "Won't Get Fooled Again" is about as close as I've ever heard to the drums being the lead instrument on a rock tune. Best drum part ever!

28th June 07, 08:05 PM
Bonham's son is apparently no slouch with the sticks himself.

Yiktin Voxbane
29th June 07, 12:03 AM
Kashmire wih violin and flute ...


29th June 07, 12:26 AM
This song always gets me: How Many More Times, from Led Zeppelin 1


29th June 07, 11:40 AM
I wish a better band would go on tour.

29th June 07, 04:03 PM
Too bad there never was nor ever will be this "better band" you speak of.

In other news: eat shit and die.

29th June 07, 05:32 PM
Don't blame me for Led Zepplin being terrible.

Yiktin Voxbane
29th June 07, 08:53 PM
Mebbe the reformed Spice Girls'd be more to your taste ?

I feel dirty for even typing that ...........

30th June 07, 12:38 AM
Well, at the very leastit wouldn't be less bad.