View Full Version : NSW (in Australia) allows theraputic cloning!

26th June 07, 08:33 AM
hot off the press - this article was posted on the ABC news site about 30 minutes ago.

NSW allows therapeutic cloning

The New South Wales Parliament has passed legislation overturning a ban on therapeutic cloning.

In a conscience vote in the Upper House tonight, 27 MPs voted in favour of the Bill, while 13 voted against.

NSW Attorney-General John Hatzistergos did not vote, while Industrial Relations Minister John Della Bosca and Rural Affairs Minister Tony Kelly opposed the Bill.

But Science and Medical Research Minister Verity Firth says the legislation struck the right balance between concerns about medical intervention and relieving human suffering.

"I'm really pleased that the Upper House has so overwhelmingly voted in favour of this Bill," she said.

"This Bill provides real hope for people suffering from disabilities such as type 1 diabetes, Parkinson's, motor neuron disease and spinal cord injuries."

The legislation was easily passed in the Lower House a fortnight ago but conservative members showed more opposition in the Upper House, where Christian MPs tried to block its progress.

Christian Democrat MP Fred Nile proposed eight amendments to the Bill, none of which gained majority support.

Before the Lower House passed the legislation, Sydney's Catholic Archbishop, George Pell, also said MPs should think seriously about whether they take communion if they vote for it.

The Upper House Privileges Committee will investigate whether Cardinal Pell's comments constitute contempt of Parliament, following a successful bid for a probe by the Greens.



26th June 07, 08:36 AM
lolzaperoo. Never has the "smiley eating a baby's brains" been more appropro.

27th June 07, 01:18 AM
this is big, and i'm very happy about it. it's great for australian medicine. we'll be leading the world in this field before you know it.

skeletor is also pleased.

Yiktin Voxbane
27th June 07, 03:05 AM
This can only be a good thing - Medics
This is an abomonation - Religious zealots
Won't SOMEONE think of the children - Right wing loonies

I can see how some may harbour concerns about the ethical applications of this , but the medical advances that will surely come, must outweigh it but some considerable margain .