View Full Version : Being Ambidextrious

22nd June 07, 11:34 AM
It kicks ass. Although, I'm not fully ambidextrious, so I have preferred sides for most activities. But there are plenty that I can do either handed.

Tennis: Oh shit, I have to use a backhand... no wait, I'll just switch hands and keep going.

Working with tools: Shit, I can't hammer/screw/saw/tighten this thing with my right hand... I just can't reach! I'll do it with my left hand.

Fighting: Yeah, turns out TKD's "learn how to fight in both stances" is a shitty approach, so it's a moot point. I guess I can confuse people, but I'm nowhere near good enough for that. Guess it works in grappling, though.

There's probably some other stuff, but I'm bored so I'm going to stop writng now.

22nd June 07, 12:51 PM
I suppose if you get tired while wanking it comes in handy too.

haha, I made a pun.

22nd June 07, 01:20 PM
I don't get it. I don't have two penises...

22nd June 07, 02:06 PM
Too bad you didn't realize that there's only one 'i' in ambidextrous.

22nd June 07, 02:29 PM
I'm ambidextrious. I can do whatever I want.