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Sun Wukong
16th June 07, 12:40 AM
Gary Busey is the coolest man alive. Discuss.


Sun Wukong
16th June 07, 12:42 AM
You couldn't write this shit any better than it is already.

Edit: No, I don't think this happened very suddenly.


16th June 07, 12:50 AM
I'd say the Mel Gibson triangle choke at the end of Lethal Weapon was the best example of dickhead on dickhead sub grappling outside of Ortiz vs Shamrock.

Sun Wukong
16th June 07, 01:12 AM



16th June 07, 01:24 AM
He's fucking off his rocker, but I've always enjoyed his work.

I've always loved his stuff when he isn't working more tho.

Yiktin Voxbane
16th June 07, 01:30 AM
Didn't Messer Busey take a header into a telegraph pole, from his Harley, a while back ?

May assplane some of his *Behaviour*

Sun Wukong
16th June 07, 01:35 AM
actually he did in 1988 apparently. According to Wiki he suffered brain damage from the incident. Yeah... that might just explain a few things right there.

16th June 07, 03:19 AM
Lest we forget


16th June 07, 04:01 AM
He was in Kurtlar Vadisi as "Evil Murdering Jew Doctor" who dissected captive Iraqis at Abu Ghraib for spare parts to sell to wealthy people in New York and Israel.

That was an awesome part. Took balls to accept it.

16th June 07, 04:29 AM

Check it out.

16th June 07, 06:47 AM
His career peaked very early with "The Buddy Holly Story."

That was an outstanding film, now fairly forgotten.

16th June 07, 07:15 PM
I met Gary Busey at the Tulsa Airport.

16th June 07, 07:45 PM
Olorin's telling the truth. Yeah, he called me and was all "Holy shit I just met this guy named Olorin!!!"

Oh that Busey, what a crazy guy ^_^

17th June 07, 10:27 AM
Gary Busey is the coolest man alive. Discuss.


I will +rep you now. Long and hard.

Sun Wukong
2nd July 07, 01:37 PM

Stolen from ThaiBoxerShorts

5th July 07, 02:47 PM
What I want to know is, is he really crazy or does he just enjoy acting strange? He seems to be capable of coherency, he just decides against it most of the time.

Sun Wukong
9th July 07, 05:07 PM
traumatic head injury during a motorcycle crash apparently severely limited his capacity for sustained mental cohesion.

9th July 07, 10:40 PM

Truly, cinematic genius.

9th July 07, 11:18 PM
That reminds me more of BeetleJuice more than Chucky.

15th July 07, 12:25 PM
I have always been a fan of Gary Busey...the monologue he does in "Surviving The Game" about how his character got his facial scar is really cool.
Great actor.