View Full Version : Akon flings some kid off the stage

6th June 07, 06:28 PM
So some fan throws someting at Akon during a show and he calls the guy up to throw him off the stage. (But not before taking his shirt off to compensate for his shitty music)


Another angle


6th June 07, 06:41 PM
What a douche bag.

Can't problems be solved without resorting to violence???????????????????

6th June 07, 09:49 PM

6th June 07, 09:53 PM
Man, I'm still tripping out on what YouTube has done to itself...

6th June 07, 10:07 PM
I think that was pretty cool. I hate it when a guy throws something at the artist everyone paid to see and pisses him off.

I much prefer it when the artist actually does something horrible to the guy then when the artist just gets mad and gives a shitty show.

8th June 07, 12:30 AM
Why is it that black people hold everything hand-held sideways?

8th June 07, 02:01 AM
I wonder how they drink.

8th June 07, 02:36 AM
Grape drink is pretty thick?

8th June 07, 02:48 AM
I wonder how they drink.

I'll ask Osiris when he gets on next.

bad credit
11th June 07, 07:25 AM
Say what you want, but that was a pretty sweet fireman's carry to gorilla press slam. He also took out a row of girls with the kid, so he gets bonus points.

I'm surprised nobody posted the clip of him dryhumping a 15 yr. old girl on stage. I watched it, and it appeared that girl was a grown woman with a halter top who put him in a standing guard and dryhumped him. He then dry humps her on the ground in reciprocation. Best BJJ match ever. I didn't find it shocking or controversial. I remember Luke Skywalker LITERALLY getting blowjobs from gals during a 2 Live Crew concert in Japan years ago.

I find Akon's music terrible, poppy, and infantlike in it's simplicity. However, if he keeps up his vigilante crusade against today's teenagers, I may have to start buying his merch.