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29th May 07, 07:31 PM
Punk music is really entering a strange are these days. It used to be reserved for counter culture high school kids and adults who didn't want to find real work, but now there is a surge in popularity for "punk" style bands. I've been noticing it a lot in Canada.

Now before any old school punkers tear me a new one, lets look at the situation. Punk music seems to have spawned several breeds of music that are inpsired by punk, but are pretty clearly big deviations from punk music. I'm talking about bands like Billy Talent, My chemical Romance, or any number of quasi-punk incarnations. Some of these bands are good, some suck ass, but they are definetely becoming more numerous and growing in popularity.

I'm starting to think that "punk" is turning out to be like what "Rock" was back in the day. Rock music started fairly small but spawned dozens of sub-types that are still considered "rock", but have nothing in common. Things like metal, Grunge, "alternative" (does that even mean anything?).

Punk Music has spawned several sub cultures like Emo (yuck), Ska, Hardcore punk, and hybrids between punk/rock and punk/pop. Its these new types that are finding wider markets and appealing to bigger crowds. Back in the day you could call The Offspring or even Nervana punk music, but now this feels kind of strange compared to the more hardcore punks bands of the 90's and the beginning of the second millenium.

Punk rockers are also some of the most hypocritical people on the planet, rallying behind a type of music founded on its lack of structure and control, while today getting mad that certain bands aren't "punk bands" because they don't fit the established sound of what punk music is.

Discuss, if there are any punk or rocks fans around here.

29th May 07, 10:51 PM
Punk's okay. I don't listen to it enough to name any real names that I can say "Wow, they're great!" tho.

So I guess that I don't have enough exposure to the scene to give a valid opinion, sorry.

Carry on...

30th May 07, 01:32 AM
I dunno. It seems to me that a lot of metal is just punk with distortion and actual musical skill. So I'll stick with that.

30th May 07, 03:06 AM
Is it still punk if it’s mainstream? It seems to me that punk is, at least in part, defined by its relationship to the dominate culture. Its like when the queen of England knighted Paul McCartney, how can it be the counter culture and the dominate culture at the same time?

It seems to me that if punk were to break onto the mainstream then it would loose what makes it what it is. It would lose its edge, its spirit.

It would become, well, this crap…


However with the sales of Hip Hop down 21% last year it seems that it is the right time for something new to come onto the scene.

30th May 07, 07:59 AM
Remember, if it sounds good it sucks.

30th May 07, 08:34 AM
Its about time for hip hop to die. Im getting tired of watching kids from rural Canada talking like they are from detroit, holding there fingers in a W.
... but I guess the alternative is kids dressed in goth/emo atire.... just can't win sometimes.

30th May 07, 09:35 AM
You mean emo. Emo will not be the future of music. I as am partly guilty for letting the nu-metal forefathers before them, alt rock forefathers before them, and their grunge forefathers before to slip by I swear emo will be stopped before their unholy progeny causes kids to simply implode from all the introspection.

Yiktin Voxbane
30th May 07, 01:15 PM
* I wish I was a punk rocker, with flowers in my hair.....*

Fuck me, when I was a punk (Sex pistols uprising in popularity) one was more likely to have dead rats and vomit in ones' hair than a nosegay of particularly sassy blooms.

Don't get me started on what passes for R&B today .

*The day, the muuuuusic died* , now this is one song that is anthemesque and in its original form almost ageless . The day the music died for me, was the day ZZ Top released the disco album Eliminator . Pity because they used to be the original good-time Texan boogie-band .

30th May 07, 01:41 PM

Thanks Yiktin, this is stuck in my head now.

Yiktin Voxbane
30th May 07, 01:45 PM
Yer going to Hell fer Dat sir ......

30th May 07, 04:08 PM
"Hope I die before I get old"?

Tom Kagan
30th May 07, 06:26 PM
"Hope I die before I get old"?

Pete's still working on that.

30th May 07, 06:40 PM
Hopefully emo dies off quickly. I think it will, but fucken bands like good charlotte and simple plan aren't helping.

R&B is not R&B anymore. R&B today is just hip hop minus the singing about making money and fucking hoes.

30th May 07, 07:16 PM
Some early Aussie punk/garage...


Yiktin Voxbane
30th May 07, 10:25 PM
WOOT! makes me all fulla teen-angst all over again, Brb running into a wall ...

I did expect that to be The Saints - Stranded (now There's a punk anthem)

30th May 07, 11:59 PM
R&B today is just hip hop minus the singing about making money and fucking hoes.


31st May 07, 01:48 AM
Whats really funny is people who like equally suspect genres bitching about emo. If you like or liked alt rock, YOU DONT GET TO COMPLAIN.

31st May 07, 12:36 PM
I'd say that mainstream punk-inspired rock is actually on the decline. Other than my Chemical Romance's newest, a lot of the "big" commercial bands haven't produced anything that made a splash in a while. Plus the breakup of Blink -182. You could argue that they set off the whole surge of mallrat, teen angst punk. But you're in canada, maybe everything's diffrent up there.

uu-tu-pa master
11th June 07, 06:04 AM
The music today that is labelled punk couldnt be further from it. Its laced with pop hooks . I call it poser punk and as with all things poser, its popularity will be short and it will not be remembered

billy sol hurok
11th June 07, 10:55 AM
An argument that's been going on since the day after the Sex Pistols, by my light.

Was always confused by people's insistance that The Clash were punk. Too slick and hooky, for my money -- just pop at a higher speed.

Fastforward ahead to Green Day, and you get their progeny: slick popsters who play fast, simple music with whiny themes that appeal to your budding 12YO malcontent.

Also not punk.

But that's just on my scorecard . . .

11th June 07, 01:35 PM
So I'm at my friend Bryan's place the other day playing oblivion, he goes out for a bit to run some errands. He comes back and plunks down in the adjacent chair;

Bryan: You know what sucks?
Me: Huh...? (playing the game)
Bryan: Fallout boy
Me: What?
Bryan: Fallout boy. They fucking suck.
Me: Oh yeah, Fallout boy sucks bigtime.

Sun Wukong
17th June 07, 06:33 AM
Avril Lavigne is to punk as 'Nelson and Nelson' is to Metal.