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Mr. Jones
25th May 07, 12:36 PM
The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift is about some thirty something year old white dude who pretends to be a teenager who somehow ends up in Japan. The movie has a plot but no one gives a shit about that. We’re watching it to see all the expensive cars we can’t afford.

The movie actually has five characters no one gives a shit about anyone else. Except the bitches and hoes they have in the background.
The star of the movie is a thirty something year old white guy pretending to be a teenager. This might be a bit of a spoiler but the movie never tells us why he does this. Rapper Little Bow Wow is a star in the movie. He’s a street hustler and the middle aged white dude protects him so he won’t get raped.

The Good Japanese Guy in the story told us that he actually lived in America once. But he committed a crime and knew he would get raped repeatedly in the American prison system so he flew back to Japan.
The Bad Japanese Guy battles the 30 year old white dude in the story. He can’t stand the idea of being stuck with Japanese pussy so he fights the star throughout the movie.

The Argentina chick. You can also use her to perform an amateur yellow fever test. If you think the Japanese Chicks in the background are hotter than her when they’re actually not you have the yellow fever. The middle aged white dude and the Bad Japanese dude fight over her because they realize that despite Japanese wannabe’s assumptions Japanese chicks are totally overrated.

25th May 07, 12:37 PM
Vin Diesel cameo woo.

Mr. Jones
25th May 07, 12:39 PM
Vin Diesel cameo woo.

That was totally random too.

25th May 07, 12:41 PM
I actually watched this several months ago at work, streamed over the internet.

I watched Crank that day too. it was awesome.

I can't help but admit I like the FnF movies because i like shiny things and the acting is fucking horrible and i like laughing at fucking horrible acting.

25th May 07, 01:29 PM
I hate those fucking movies and all the poser wannabe car clubs they spawned.

25th May 07, 01:34 PM
Best scene is Rhys Millen drifting DK's car up the parking lot spiral ramp.

25th May 07, 01:47 PM
I actually find myself drawn in when watching drift races. I have a lot of repect for the skill level it takes to slide a retardedly powerful car so gracefully across the asphault. Did i also mention i like shiny things? Oooh so shiny.

edit: This came up in the first hit for 'drift' on youtube. it's way better than FnF3.


edit: Holy fucking shit. This guy is drifting an AWD audi in a roundabout. big ups!

edit: J-rap lol

Sun Wukong
25th May 07, 02:54 PM
My only question is how did Lucas Black go from "American Gothic" to "FNF3"? a damn shame.

25th May 07, 06:11 PM
Excellent review - Enlightening AND racist. Also excellent description of the Yellow Fever test.

25th May 07, 07:31 PM
some thirty something year old white dude who pretends to be Japanese who somehow ends up in a teenager.

Mr. Jones
29th May 07, 11:10 PM

29th May 07, 11:54 PM
guzzuh?!?! they made a live action initial D?

edit: wow they did (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0439630/). cool!

Mr. Jones
29th May 07, 11:57 PM
I know that was a rhetorical question. But yes they did.

30th May 07, 12:07 AM
First i've heard of it. neato.

Mr. Jones
30th May 07, 12:33 AM
Initial D is a 2005 live-action film based on the Japanese Initial D manga and anime series

Don't feel bad Neildo. I just learned about it two weeks ago.

bad credit
5th June 07, 03:53 AM
I watched Tokyo Drift just for Sonny Chiba. He doesn't rip off anybody's balls or spearhand anybody throught the skull, though. Lame.

At the arcade, we got the Tokyo Drift racing game the other day. It sucks, the steering wheel is so sensitive you just bump it and you're into the wall. There's no way to adjust it, either.