View Full Version : Somewhere in Asia: "Criminals" face street "justice"

16th May 07, 08:24 AM
This video is labeled as "thieves take a beating" everywhere I've come across it, but there is no accompanying back story that I can find.

You know, it is one thing if in the act of robbery a store manager were to use force to stop the act, what happens here is entirely another thing.

If you just watch this without reading what I've said here first and get all pissed off at what you see, don't blame me- I'm warning you now, this is fucking savage.


Bricks to the spine, ribs, legs, hands- that is fucked up.

16th May 07, 10:57 AM
video keeps pixelating. i can't watch that crap.

Kein Haar
16th May 07, 12:40 PM

16th May 07, 12:56 PM

Uh.... smashing wimpering, clearly submissive people with cinder blocks is appaling?


16th May 07, 07:47 PM
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time*.

*curled up on the ground and crying like a bitch while you get beaten by the man you tried to rob.

16th May 07, 11:44 PM
Holy shit. He fucking THREW those bricks at the guys.