View Full Version : NHL Playoffs: Who will make it to the finals?

11th May 07, 01:53 PM
In the West,

Detroit Red Wings vs Anaheim Might Ducks.

In the East,

Ottawa Senators vs Buffalo Sabres.

Wings and Ducks are playing 7:30 EST tonight.
Sens are ahead 1-0 in the series after a solid win last night.
I don't care so much for the West, but the Sens-Buffalo series should be another fast paced series that'll be very entertaining.

11th May 07, 03:06 PM
I hope the Wings beat the fuckin Ducks.

and i just realised...how is it that Detroit is in the western finals. Isn't Michigan on the east coast? wtf?

11th May 07, 03:13 PM
I've seen this film.

The Mighty Ducks win in overtime when Pacey from Dawson's Creek scores.

11th May 07, 04:09 PM
That's another good reason why i hate that team. Fuck Disney.

12th May 07, 12:31 AM
I hope a canadian team makes it.

13th May 07, 12:25 PM
I would like to see an Ottawa vs. Detroit final..

13th May 07, 04:44 PM
Buffalo will win the cup. Fuck Ottawa.

13th May 07, 10:30 PM
What have you got against Ottawa? They are a lot edgier now and play with heart as opposed to a few years ago..
I am impressed with Buffalo's success though. If a Canadian team can't take it, I would like to see them win.
As long as fucking Disney doesn't get the cup.

16th May 07, 02:35 PM
Sens up 3-0 against Buffalo!?!? 4th game tonight!

Wings up 2-1 against Ducks.

16th May 07, 02:52 PM
Last night domination by the wings was disgusting.

Wings 5 - Ducks morale 0

16th May 07, 03:04 PM
Ottawa can sweep tonight..should be a good game!
Fuck the Ducks.

16th May 07, 05:41 PM
Is it a home game? Maybe i'll tune in. I just caught the tail end of last nights wings/ducks game on the radio at my buddies place.

16th May 07, 06:00 PM
Senators are at home..You should watch it buddy, starts in few minutes.
BTW..Pronger got a one game suspension for his hit on Holmstrom last night. So he will be sitting out the next game between the Wings and Ducks.
Wings and Ducks..jeez..why do I feel like ordering Chinese all of a sudden?

21st May 07, 11:43 PM
Too easy.

And Sens in 5. All the game scores were pretty close, by a one-goal margin from my recollection. The other series may look like it'll go to 7!