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16th April 07, 08:45 AM
http://www.mobileworld.com.my/pstart/wp-content/uploads/gow2_dr.jpgThe story starts some time after the first ended. Kratos is still pissed out the Olympians refusal to erase his memory. So in true Kratos fashion, he sends the Spartan legions to wreak mayhem on the rest of Greece. Zeus and the other gods see Kratos as a threat far worse than Ares and plot against. Skip ahead. Rhodes is about to fall to the Spartan army, Kratos goes down to strike the final blow, and it is then he is betrayed by the gods. The titan, Gaia, enlist him to seek out the sisters of fate and get his revenge against Zeus.


Imagine what the last game was like. Now take it up one maybe two more levels. The scope of the game is far past the previous one. As is the mayhem and shear ass-kickery. There are just as many new monsters as returning ones. There are way more context sensitive battles and events. The game brings in more mythological characters to interact with and fight. The stage designs are simply amazing. And there are even some nods to Clash of the Titans......hell it is like playing Clash of the Titans.


It's the same engine as the last game only slightly polished. That might be problem for some of you. Aerial battle is only completely new thing.

The game is challenging, but not hard.The puzzles are variations of the one's from the previous game and they aren't too difficult to solve. The solutions come down to put this here, break this, climb this, or pull this. The boss fights, the true boss fights, are just puzzles and with that in mind makes them very easy once you figured them out. Gameplay itself is the hardest part. Getting from point A to point B can be irritating when your only mod of transportation is crumbling ruins, large swining chains, rapidly deteriorating wings, or there's a battalion of monsters in your way.

The harpies are back with help.


Remeber those none-to-practical-but-very-cinematic camera angles. They're back. Not as bad, but still a sharp pain in the balls.


Completely sickhouse.


16th April 07, 04:01 PM
So should I have played the first one? Because i purposely didn't.

16th April 07, 11:28 PM
I actually liked that the puzzles weren't too difficult in GOW. It's cool that they're there since it makes for varied game play, but if I'm playing a beat em up I don't wanna be wasting a bunch of time getting frustrated over pain in the ass puzzles. The difficulty and tedium of the puzzles was the only thing I didn't like about Soul Reaver.

The one thing I hated about God of War were the annoying ass parts where you had to climb across the ropes/chains to get from one area or the next and having to fight people on them. That was a real pain in the ass on the higher difficulty levels.

I look forward to GOW2. I'm glad it's coming out for the ps2, I'm sure as hell not buying a new console.

17th April 07, 07:29 AM
The rope battles are fewer and shorter. Thankfully.

So should I have played the first one? Because i purposely didn't.

I can stand alone. You need to think of this game as the Matrix II. It was more of a setup for the inevitable third part and doesn't have that much to do with the first.

Airman Kai
17th April 07, 09:24 AM
This series is, in my mind, the very essence of action adventure gaming.

17th April 07, 09:07 PM
How hard is it? I know it has some "totally awesome" scenes and shit, but if I press a button and all that just happens, then no thanks. I like some challenge. ESPECIALLY for a beat 'em up.

18th April 07, 07:47 AM
It really does range. Like I said in the review, It is challenging, but not hard. It took my 14 hours to beat. I'm playing it again on hard mode and that's really kicking my ass. I've been stuck on the second fight of the first boss since I started on Saturday.

22nd April 07, 10:22 PM
Holy shit this is ADDICTIVE!

Love teh golden fleece.

I also like thier interpretation of Persius and Icarus(or was that Deadalus). Hahaha.

22nd April 07, 10:25 PM
Im still mid game:

What do i do with the pheonix?

22nd April 07, 10:27 PM
This series is, in my mind, the very essence of action adventure gaming.

I think it surpsasses DMC.

23rd April 07, 07:20 AM
Just beat Hard mode yesterday. I'll start Titan mode in a few days.

Im still mid game:

What do i do with the pheonix?

If I mean what you think climb the ladder opposite the one with fate statue. That's after you put borez's bail into the mouth on the face of the southern wall.

24th April 07, 03:25 PM
Yeah i finished the game. NOw i have to try it on harder settings.

When is GOW3 coming out?

25th April 07, 07:22 AM
It's always "if" with videogames.

27th April 07, 03:10 AM
Dana white should grow a little beard thing and run around dressed like Kratos and make all the Kratos constipated grunts and what not.

One of the UFC ring girls should be his wife.

27th April 07, 10:15 AM
Started Titan Mode last night. It seemed easier than hard until I fought the barbarian. I realized I screwed up and should've saved my red orbs to level up my Crono's Rage. Needless to say, I started over.