View Full Version : Martial arts Movie "The Game"

11th April 07, 09:09 AM
Hey gang,
So a friend of mine runs into a guy in our hometown who says that he was out in Hollywood last year working on an MA flick called "The Game". I've tried googling it but came up with nothing, so it is probably a very small, low budget film. Anyone here know heard of it or know where I can find some info about it?

26th April 07, 08:28 PM
well.. nothing about that (except the Michael Douglas movie of the same name) however this is a MA movie (in the works) i've been tracking for a while now:


an internet search turns up empty except for the part below, which is not reliable even. sigh

"Vale Tudo is the name of a 2006 feature movie by director Alexander Pickl. Produced by Oliver Jahr and Gabor Harrach, it tells the stories of underground fighters in Miami"

back to The Game: i've seen a trashy (hilarious?) MA flick by name of ULTIMATE GAME (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0364722/) but that was waaay back, also i doubt they'd use The Game as a title because of said Michael Douglas movie.