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6th April 07, 10:03 PM
note : i can't start new threads anywhere else so if a mod could put this in reviews that'd be nice.
Here's my first review so pardon the haphazard style.
Grindhouse review part I: Planet Terror

Playing hookey from college today I decided to catch the 12:30 matinee of Grindhouse and in no way do I regret that decision.
The opening credits are set to a fantastic piece of music composed by Robert Rodriguez that truly sets the feel of the movie. That fact that they are accompanied by Rose McGowan preforming a sultry go-go dance doesn't hurt. The plot is simple and pure b-movie as it was intended to be: here it is in 3 words:
The entire movie is set with grainy imagery which is accompanied by clever utilization of MISSING REEL cards. This gives the movie that cheap double feature feel it was going for and makes it a unique experience. 5/5 for Planet Terror.

I was gonna go into charachter development but , no thats not what this movie is about. It's about shit blowing up and people killing things. There's enough bullets, blood, gore, and awesome to put this movie in the ranks with George Romero's early stuff,
The characters are a grabbag of explosives, humor, and sex. Amputee go-go dancers, redneck sherifs, insane doctors, lesbian nurses and their lovers, rogue soilders, lesbian strippers, ex-black-ops but now truckers, and zombies (some with power tools).
The women are hot and the action is plentiful, I give this 5 beef-jerky-filled -fists out of 5.
Robert Rodriguez composed 21 of the 22 songs featured in Planet Terror. A fact that really suprised me. From the main theme to the final scene the music used was spot on with the atmosphere.
As I type this i'm listening to the soundtrack, which I bought almost immideately after seeing the film. The short : It's very very good. and deserves a full write-up later. 5 m203 grenade launchers out of 5.
The Bottom line
This is definatey one of the best movies i've seen in a while. So if you like action, beautiful women, and good music with plenty of retro-humor. see grindhouse, If you don't go back to playing house and having teapartys with your stuffed animals.LACKBEARD!
OVERALL SCORE: 5 deadly venoms out of 5.
Staytuned for parts 2 and 3 Death Proof, Trailers and Soundtracks.

6th April 07, 10:14 PM
So wait, you didn't get to see them both?

6th April 07, 10:17 PM
I saw both and the trailers i'm just posting the review in 3 seperate parts
because I think that each movie deserves to be gone into with a little more depth than an overall review could give, i dunno maybe i'll edit it all together later.

7th April 07, 08:25 AM
Good call spliting them up.

I enjoyed Plant Terror better. It was all the cheesey mind-numbing action I'd expected. Death proof was still great, but it was close to the hilt.

7th April 07, 11:03 AM
Yes, good review, I'll be seeing the movie in 160 minutes!

8th April 07, 03:32 PM
Fucking awesome all the way around.

"If you are thinking of going into the basement...DON'T!"

"Don't stop!
"Don't turn around!"
"Don't see this movie!!!"

billy sol hurok
8th April 07, 08:28 PM
Yep, just got back and it's lots of fun. Liked em both just fine, though for different reasons inter alia.

Previews were excellent as well.

I too was impressed by the Rodriguez in the score; sounded a lot like Morphine.

QT gotta stay on his side of the camera though.

8th April 07, 09:42 PM
I loved Planet Terror and all the fake trailers and previews but I found Death Proof boring and severely lacking.

billy sol hurok
9th April 07, 07:40 AM
I loved Planet Terror and all the fake trailers and previews but I found Death Proof boring and severely lacking.
My wife felt the same way. And yes, there was a lot of typical QT jawboning. But it was all done by EXCEEDINGLY HOT WIMMINZ! And also involved some exceedingly hot carz. And that scratches a number of my personal itches.

9th April 07, 09:56 AM
The opening scene of Planet Terror was hotter than all the hot women in Death Proof combined.

billy sol hurok
9th April 07, 11:15 AM
Gonna hafta go ahead and disagree there. Rose was so much finer before all that surgery and slimfast, or whatever befell her. Now she looks kind of generic.

9th April 07, 04:16 PM
I loved 'em both for different reasons. Planet Terror was pure schlockey cinema at its finest. Over the top stupid action, hackneyed pulpish characters, and a hodge podge storyline, all mixed together perfectly. Death Proof was a different breed of cinema. Tarantino used some really good misdirection on it. Plus, the last 15 minutes make it totally worthwhile. There is nothing cooler than watching three hot ass girls in a vintage '70 Challenger run someone to ground and beat the ever living fuck out him.

Veritas et Lux!
Jimmy The Hutt

9th April 07, 05:03 PM
I got to catch a late showing of Grindhouse last Saturday, and was not disappointed. First of all, the film deserves an award -- not for acting, that really wasn't the point, but the special effects/cinematography were really special -- in the good way, not the short-slow-bus way.

Personal high point for me was during Planet Terror, when the soldier played by Tarantino demands that Cherry dance for him-- the music in the background sounded familiar, and it was. I've never heard a jazz/lounge version of the Dead Kennedy's classic "Too Drunk to Fuck" before, but it was entirely recognizable. So strange how a song from your teen years can give a person warm fuzzies like that.

Death Proof didn't keep the intensity up as high as PT, and kind of dragged out during the middle. It all makes it worthwhile when you realize they are setting up the coolest ending to a film in movie history. I have never had an adrenaline high from a movie before. I had to keep watching myself as I drove home. It doesn't help that my truck is a manual.

I will be watching it again this weekend, and will not be making the mistake of buying a beverage. I drank a diet soda during Planet Terror and missed most of the "Werewolf Women of the S.S." trailer while hitting the head.

9th April 07, 05:57 PM
Yeah I missed the werewolf trailer as well as I was pissing.