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17th March 07, 11:15 PM
Just a warning to all pet owners out there:

Pet owners worry about food recall
By MATTHEW VERRINDER Associated Press Writer
© 2007 The Associated Press

UNION, N.J. — Pet owners were worried Saturday that the pet food in their cupboards could be deadly after millions of containers of dog and cat food sold at major retailers across North America were recalled.

Menu Foods, the Ontario-based company that produced the pet food, said Saturday it was recalling dog food sold under 48 brands and cat food sold under 40 brands including Iams, Nutro and Eukanuba. The food was distributed throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico by major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kroger and Safeway.

An unknown number of cats and dogs had suffered kidney failure and about 10 died after eating the affected pet food, the company said.

Meanwhile, two other companies — Nestle Purina PetCare Co. and Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc. — announced Saturday night that as a precaution they were voluntary recalling some products made by Menu Foods.

Many stores that sold the affected brands frantically pulled packages off shelves.

At a Petsmart store in Union, Silviene Grzybowski became worried when the four types of Iams products she buys for her cat, Smokey, had vanished from shelves. The cat was very sick and had not been eating for days, she said.

"The vet told us to buy her her favorite food, but I'm going to call the vet right now," Grzybowski said, looking at an announcement Petsmart had taped to shelves announcing the recall.

Ron Finegold of Boynton Beach, Fla., said he noticed about a week or so ago that his family's 3-year-old cat — who was regularly fed a variety of Iams cat food — had stopped eating and did not appear well. He quickly took the animal to the veterinarian, who determined she was in renal failure.

He said he heard about the recall on the radio Friday night. He checked his trash, and found out he had given the cat some of the affected food.

"That's when I realized (the illness) had to be related," Finegold said. "She won't be eating that stuff anymore."

A complete list of the recalled products along with product codes, descriptions and production dates was available from the Menu Foods Web site, http://www.menufoods.com/recall. The company also designated two phone numbers that pet owners could call for information — (866) 463-6738 and (866) 895-2708 — but callers kept the lines busy for much of Saturday.

Menu Foods' chief executive and president Paul Henderson told the Associated Press on Friday that the company was still trying to figure out what happened.

He said that the company had received an undisclosed number of owner complaints that dogs and cats were vomiting and suffering kidney failure after eating its products. He estimated that the recall would cost the company, which is mostly owned by the Menu Foods Income Fund, an estimated $26 million to $34 million.

Sarah Tuite, a company spokeswoman, has said the recalled products were made using wheat gluten purchased from a new supplier, which has since been dropped for another source. Wheat gluten is a source of protein.

Food and Drug Administration spokeswoman Julie Zawisza said it is still too early to determine what could have affected the food. Zawisza added that even if wheat gluten is the source "it doesn't necessarily mean the wheat gluten per se. It could be another substance associated with the wheat gluten."

The recall covers the company's "cuts and gravy" style food, which consists of chunks of meat in gravy, sold in cans and small foil pouches from Dec. 3 to March 6.

In Omaha, Neb., Susan Balvanz said she sometimes feeds her five cats packets of sliced meat and gravy sold by Nutro Products, one of the brands affected.

"I've done so much research on pet food. It didn't surprise me but it scared me all the same," said Balvanz.

She said her 9-year-old cat, Boots, was especially fond of the food but seemed to have lost its appetite in the last few days.

At the Missouri Valley Veterinary Clinic in Bismarck, N.D., veterinarian Jacob Carlson has been referring worried pet owners to the Menu Foods web site.

"We've had a lot of calls," Carlson said, although none of his patients were sick.

The company said it makes pet food for 17 of the top 20 North American retailers. It is also a contract manufacturer for the top branded pet food companies, including Procter & Gamble Co.


Link to the story. (http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/nation/4640080.html)

Here's a list of all the recalled brands:

Recalled Cat Product Information

1. Americas Choice, Preferred Pets
2. Authority
3. Best Choice
4. Companion
5. Compliments
6. Demoulas Market Basket
7. Eukanuba
8. Fine Feline Cat
9. Food Lion
10. Foodtown
11. Giant Companion
12. Hannaford
13. Hill Country Fare
14. Hy-Vee
15. Iams
16. Key Food
17. Laura Lynn
18. Li'l Red
19. Loving Meals
20. Meijer's Main Choice
21. Nutriplan
22. Nutro Max Gourmet Classics
23. Nutro Natural Choice
24. Paws
25. Pet Pride
26. Presidents Choice
27. Price Chopper
28. Priority
29. Save-A-Lot
30. Schnucks
31. Science Diet Feline Savory Cuts Cans
32. Sophistacat
33. Special Kitty Canada
34. Special Kitty US
35. Springfield Prize
36. Sprout
37. Total Pet, My True Friend
38. Wegmans
39. Western Family
40. White Rose
41. Winn Dixie

Recalled Dog Product Information

1. Americas Choice, Preferred Pets
2. Authority
3. Award
4. Best Choice
5. Big Bet
6. Big Red
7. Bloom
8. Bruiser
9. Cadillac
10. Companion
11. Demoulas Market Basket
12. Eukanuba
13. Food Lion
14. Giant Companion
15. Great Choice
16. Hannaford
17. Hill Country Fare
18. Hy-Vee
19. Iams
20. Key Food
21. Laura Lynn
22. Loving Meals
23. Meijers Main Choice
24. Mixables
25. Nutriplan
26. Nutro Max
27. Nutro Natural Choice
28. Nutro
29. Ol'Roy Canada
30. Ol'Roy US
31. Paws
32. Pet Essentials
33. Pet Pride - Good n Meaty
34. Presidents Choice
35. Price Chopper
36. Priority
37. Publix
38. Roche Bros
39. Save-A-Lot
40. Schnucks
41. Shep Dog
42. Springsfield Prize
43. Sprout
44. Stater Bros
45. Total Pet, My True Friend
46. Western Family
47. White Rose
48. Winn Dixie
49. Your Pet

Quite the colossal screw up. I feel bad for the few unlucky pet owners that have had their pets die.

17th March 07, 11:32 PM
Luckily my dog usually only eats our left overs. But, I'm going to go check what brand he eats and chuck it if it's on the list.

Thanks for the story.

EDIT: Fuck, it's on the list.

18th March 07, 02:33 AM
i know a lot of people with pets. I hope they know about this already. still, i'm gonna have to put out the word, this is pretty bad.

18th March 07, 02:41 AM
Wait, it's only the canned/meat kind? So regular dry dog food is safe? Good.

Still, I feel bad for those who had to suffer through this. :(

18th March 07, 03:31 AM
What will the elderly eat now? Think of the elderly!

18th March 07, 08:06 AM
Cuts in sauce, eh? My dogs eat dry and the cats only get a bit of the mushy loaf stuff once in a while.

Dry is better for their teeth anyhow, btw...
Leftovers? Never!

18th March 07, 08:42 AM
my dog only eats the finest Shoprite brand hamburger style dog food. cheese flavor

ever since i was a kid, my dogs have eaten the same thing and have loved it.

18th March 07, 08:54 AM
It's also ironic that the source for so many competing products is the same. Yuck!

18th March 07, 10:06 AM
It's also ironic that the source for so many competing products is the same. Yuck!
You mean Canada? Yeah, that's pretty disgusting.

18th March 07, 10:32 AM
Yeah, almost as bad as New England...

Anyway, my dogs don't eat that shit, but if one'em died due to negligence, I would get a rocket launcher and some son of a bitch would die.

18th March 07, 01:03 PM
No, not Canada. Just the idea that all these competing products that are theoretically different, as in some better or worse than others and are made by the same outfit. I'm sure our food is the same.. UGH.

Yay for generic stuff, I guess, if it's all the same!

18th March 07, 01:42 PM
No. It isn't. I work in food plant, the higher the quality, the better the quality control. The cheaper products DO use shittier ingredients and have shittier quality control, more mold grows on the conveyor belts and machinery before it gets cleaned, more mice are allowed to shit on shit without be dealt with, etc.

My advice is, don't trust any food grown/packaged by someone you don't know. EVER.

18th March 07, 01:51 PM
Seconded. I'm still traumatized from the time I worked in a butcher shop.

18th March 07, 03:33 PM

18th March 07, 04:12 PM
Wait, it's only the canned/meat kind? So regular dry dog food is safe? Good.

Still, I feel bad for those who had to suffer through this. :(

Yeah, I went back and edited the story last night to make it more clear.

It does really suck, I'm sure that there will be more sick pets out there before the word gets out everywhere. I smell a class action lawsuit in the makings...

19th March 07, 02:35 AM
I love these sort of stories, I'm all for cat death.

19th March 07, 11:17 AM
I'm sure they'd be for your death too, so the feeling is meowtual.

Kein Haar
19th March 07, 12:39 PM
I also decline to feed my dog pet food.

This is the last in a long list of reasons.

19th March 07, 12:50 PM
My friends' dog developed a cancer on it's leg and was deathly ill. He switched from dry kibble crap to stuff from the butcher store (tripe, and other stuff we don't eat) and her recovery was nothing short of amazing. added an extra year onto her life.

the food budget took the hit though. went from about $0.80/serving to about $8.00.

19th March 07, 12:53 PM
Yes, real food tends to be expensive. Especially the stuff that people don't tend to eat, like organs, that are actually the best and most nutritious part of the animal.

19th March 07, 12:55 PM
The owner of the dog I was talking about is fully down with organ meat. Me, not so much.

Kein Haar
19th March 07, 01:24 PM
You just don't know how to shop or scavenge.

Beef liver...not expensive.
The backs, necks, and wings of chicken and turkey are not expensive (especially on sale).

However, roadkill. Roadkill is where it's at.

I confine it to deer, since:
#1. There really aren't any deer-to-dog parasites to speak of
#2. It's a horn of plenty, especially if it's fresh and the weather is cold. Then the organs don't surpass my threshold for stank (not that it bothers him at all).
#3. I have to lease freezer space from a friend to hold it all. I split it with her 50/50, and I still have a good two weeks of free eating. Furthermore, I don't even keep the legs. I leave it for the coyotes and such.
#4. I own a beater car to transport it.

Wild rabbits are ok (trapped or hunted), but they transmit tapeworms. Not the end of the world, and the quality of meal far surpasses the occasional and benign treatment.

Kein Haar
19th March 07, 01:27 PM
My friend's little guys going to town on a deer neck in front of a smörgåsbord.


19th March 07, 02:12 PM

19th March 07, 03:37 PM
That picture is somehow cute...incredibly cute...

19th March 07, 04:43 PM
It's making me hungry...

19th March 07, 05:32 PM
Yeah, those dogs look delicious.

19th March 07, 06:50 PM
Yeah, those dogs look delicious.

Just about the right size, wouldn't you say?



Mr. Jones
19th March 07, 09:33 PM
Yeah, those dogs look delicious.

You're Vietnamese?

Mr. Jones
19th March 07, 09:35 PM
You're Vietnamese?

In all seriousiness folks. They only kill strays. That's what they say anyway.

19th March 07, 09:40 PM
You should see the stray dogs in the philippines. I've had dog before, no way in hell would I eat that shit.

Mr. Jones
19th March 07, 10:12 PM
what does dog taste like exactly neildo? Vietnamese people even serve dog in their restaurants.

19th March 07, 11:43 PM
what does dog taste like exactly neildo? Vietnamese people even serve dog in their restaurants.

I've already posted my guess:


19th March 07, 11:58 PM
Hahaha serves you right stupid devil cat!

You haunt my dreams devil cat!

Now you have no FOOD devil cat!!!!


20th March 07, 01:42 AM
Time to switch to decaf, man.

Veritas et Lux!
Jimmy The Hutt

20th March 07, 06:26 AM

Yiktin Voxbane
20th March 07, 06:58 AM
Why do we assume all the meat we buy from supermarkets / butchers Etc. ISN'T dog (or another domesticated animal) ? just because it says Beef , unless yer a butcher or have some familiarity with the meat trade the best you can do is guess.

I used to work in a rabbit proccessing plant , one of the skinners there used to tell me how similar rabbit was to cat . He called me in @ the end of one shift .... showed me 2 carcasses (carcii?) that were dressed out .... "Pick the owner of this" said he ... and dropped a bag containing a fresh bloody catpelt in front of me. I couldn't tell the difference and the boss (who was watching from the freezer door) didn't care and fired the asshole on the spot.

Just saying is all ......

*Food* for thought

20th March 07, 10:48 AM
I've had some very questionable chicken from a chinese restaurant that actually comes highly rated. i don't eat there anymore.

Jones - weird. have you ever had game meat, like moose, or deer? It's quite its's own thing, but kinda gamey, and a cross between pork and beef. consistency and flavor might have also had something to do with the cooking process. philippinos make and eat weird shit.

20th March 07, 09:45 PM
damn, i am going to have to return to NORMAL swedish meatballs for a while then. too bad.

21st March 07, 11:23 PM
I'm sure they'd be for your death too, so the feeling is meowtual.

Woohoo, 13 cats confirmed dead by the FDA. God is Great!

22nd March 07, 02:02 AM
damn, i am going to have to return to NORMAL swedish meatballs for a while then. too bad.

Do us a favor and keep eating the animal food.

22nd March 07, 11:49 AM
Hewf, my puppy's been eating Purina :)

23rd March 07, 09:57 PM
Rat poison in pet food blamed for 17 deaths
How toxic pesticide got in food remains mystery

ALBANY, N.Y. - Rat poison was found in pet food blamed for the deaths of at least 17 cats and dogs, but scientists said Friday they still don’t know how it got there and predicted more animal deaths would be linked to it.

After the announcement, the company that produced the food expanded its recall to include all 95 brands of the “cuts and gravy” style food, regardless of when they were produced. The company also said it would take responsibility for pet medical expenses incurred as a result of the food.

The substance in the food was identified as aminopterin, a cancer drug that once was used to induce abortions in the United States and is still used to kill rats in some other countries, state Agriculture Commissioner Patrick Hooker said.

The federal government prohibits using aminopterin for killing rodents in the U.S. State officials would not speculate on how the poison got into the pet food, but said no criminal investigations had been launched.

The pet deaths led to a recall of 60 million cans and pouches of dog and cat food produced by Menu Foods and sold throughout North America under 95 brand names. Some pets that ate the recalled brands suffered kidney failure, and the company has confirmed the deaths of 15 cats and two dogs.

http://imgred.com/http://msnbcmedia1.msn.com/j/msnbc/Components/Photos/070323/070323_petfood_hmed_9a.standard.jpgLatest death

The latest death, a Yorkshire terrier named Pebbles, occurred Thursday. The dog died of kidney failure after eating some of the food. Her owner, Jeff Kerner, said he was contacting an attorney because he wanted to prevent another pet tragedy.

“Before they put this stuff in the bags, there should be some kind of test,” said Kerner, of Sherman Oaks, Calif. “I can’t just let it go. Even if they just change the law.”

The company expanded the recall — which initially covered only cans and pouches of food packaged from Dec. 3 through March 6 — after the FDA alerted it that some products remained on store shelves.

There is no risk to pet owners from handling the food, officials said.

The Food and Drug Administration has said the investigation into the pet deaths was focused on wheat gluten in the food. The gluten itself would not cause kidney failure, but it could have been contaminated, the FDA said.

Paul Henderson, chief executive of Ontario, Canada-based Menu Foods, confirmed Friday that the wheat gluten was purchased from China.

Bob Rosenberg, senior vice president of government affairs for the National Pest Management Association, said it would be unusual for the wheat to be tainted.

“It would make no sense to spray a crop itself with rodenticide,” Rosenberg said, adding that grain shippers typically put bait stations around the perimeter of their storage facilities.

Scientists at the New York State Animal Health Diagnostic Center at Cornell University and at the New York State Food Laboratory tested three cat food samples provided by the manufacturer and found aminopterin in two of them. The two labs are part of a network created after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to keep the nation’s animals and food supply safe.

“Any amount of this product is too much in food,” Hooker said.

Aminopterin is highly toxic in high doses. It inhibits the growth of malignant cells and suppresses the immune system. In dogs and cats, the amount of aminopterin found — 40 parts per million — can cause kidney failure, according to Bruce Akey, director of Cornell’s diagnostic center.

“It’s there in substantial amounts,” Akey said.

Donald Smith, dean of Cornell’s veterinary school, said he expected the number of pet deaths to increase. “Based on what we’ve heard the last couple days, 16 is a low number,” Smith said.

Aminopterin is no longer marketed as a cancer drug, but is still used in research, said Andre Rosowsky, a chemist with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

Rosowsky speculated that the substance would not show up in pet food “unless somebody put it there.”

Henderson said Menu Foods does not believe the food was tampered with because the recalled food came from two different plants, one in Kansas, one in New Jersey. Menu continues to produce food at the two plants.

Company already facing lawsuits

The company, already facing lawsuits, said Friday it is testing all the ingredients that go into the food.

“We have a lot of work to do, and we are eager to get back to it,” Henderson said. “This is a highly unusual substance.”

When asked whether there would compensation for medical bills for sick pets, Henderson said “to the extent that we identify that the cause of any expenses incurred are related to the food, Menu will take responsibility for that.”

A complete list of the recalled products along with product codes, descriptions and production dates was posted on Menu Foods' Web site (http://tinyurl.com/2pn6mm). The company also designated two phone numbers that pet owners could call for information: (866) 463-6738 and (866) 895-2708.


Link to story. (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17754681/)

Rat poison? How ironic.

23rd March 07, 09:58 PM
This would be funnier if it turned out it was McDonald's food causing it.

24th March 07, 03:22 AM
The latest death, a Yorkshire terrier named Pebbles, occurred Thursday. The dog died of kidney failure after eating some of the food. Her owner, Jeff Kerner, said he was contacting an attorney because he wanted to prevent another pet tragedy.

You see, that's tragic. It's criminal to kill a dog. Cats on the other hand, I'm all for it.

24th March 07, 03:37 AM
Funny, I feel the other way around. Cats generally don't try to eat me on sight.

Yiktin Voxbane
24th March 07, 03:46 AM
For every cat killed , We will take 2 dogs..... INFIDELZ !

24th March 07, 06:03 AM
None of it's really funny. Kinda sad.

Pets shouldn't eat fast food, but I did have a cat who liked to share my White Castle once in a while. That and green peas. Nothing like food you have to chase a bit.

24th March 07, 01:45 PM
One time my chihuahua went after my Frosty while I was driving and I had to slam on the brakes, it almost drowned in ice cream when its whole upper body got lodged into the cup.

27th March 07, 12:35 PM
Renal failure- an appropriate punishment for idiocy?

Woman, dog both sick after eating recalled pet food

Canadian Press
Mar. 26, 2007 10:31 AM
OTTAWA - An woman says she became violently ill after eating some of her dog's food.

It's a case that could be related to the tainted pet food that has killed several dogs and cat's and sickened dozens more across in Canada and the United States.

Elaine Larabie tells the Ottawa Citizen that for three days she suffered symptoms that included loss of appetite, vomiting, foaming at the mouth and trouble urinating. She went to an emergency room on Tuesday and is now awaiting test results from blood work.

After noticing her dog, Missy, wasn't eating, Larabie said she took bites of Iams pet food in order to trick the terrier into thinking it was people food.

The ploy worked and the mealtime routine continued for about two weeks until both dog and master became sick on March 17.

It wasn't until she saw a TV news story about the Menu Foods recall that she became aware of a possible connection.

Last week, the Toronto-area company recalled 60 million cans and pouches of food made under 95 different brand names.

On Sunday, Menu Foods asked retailers to immediately remove all affected varieties of the company's wet pet food regardless of the date code.

The company said the request was made amid concerns that some recalled lots of "Cuts and Gravy" style wet pet food were still on store shelves.

The company said in a release Sunday there is no known risk from items not on the recall list, but an "abundance of caution" was called for.


27th March 07, 12:38 PM

This was on the front page of one of the local rags yesterday.