View Full Version : Richard Cheese (is king)

10th March 07, 10:13 PM
He cracks me up. I'm just discovering him, but that means nothing because I am like "backwards" or something when it comes to hip.

This dude is hip.

He's got lots of music available out there on the net. http://www.richardcheese.com/ He's the lizard. The lounge lizard.

11th March 07, 01:30 AM
Most people discover "dick-cheese" much earlier in life.

11th March 07, 07:52 PM
Yeah, well, I'm circumcised beyoch!!!

I'm thinking of starting my own swanky lounge band. I'm gonna call it "Harry Smegma and the Poopgigglers"

Wudya think?

Yiktin Voxbane
11th March 07, 08:56 PM
Rex Fart croons .... Nightly at 7 .

12th March 07, 01:15 PM
Oh shit, so that's the guy on my DJ Z-trip album. Live in LA 2003 i think.
edit: yup. Track 12. He does mystikals "shake yer ass"

That's very cool shit. I don't think i could listen to it all the time but it's cool.

Dagon Akujin
12th March 07, 11:17 PM
Der's bar sometimes plays that guy's stuff. :)


13th March 07, 10:15 PM
Now when you're in there knocking back a brew, you can yell "Yeah!! I love Dick Cheese!!! W00T!!!!!"

14th March 07, 01:32 PM
I owe him a broken nose for ""jump". It scarred me emotionally for life.