View Full Version : The Rules of the Review Forum! Ignore at your own peril!

8th March 07, 10:20 PM
1. This is a review forum, the first post of a thread should be a review of something - I know, shocking! Book, film, comic, computer game, anything.

2. A review should say something about its subject. Providing a synopsis is not a review. Give us your opinion about the piece, tell us if you loved it or hated it and tell us why.

3. Try and make your review accessible to other forum members. You could compare it to other similar things, telling us what it is similar to and what it isn't similar to. You could write a lot of reviews (please, please, please, pretty please), allowing people to build a picture of your tastes and how they relate to their own. You could use a numeric scale, but be sure to provide a key to help people understand.

4. Spoilers. Don't. Spoilers do not belong in a review. What counts as a spoiler is obviously open to interpretation, but common sense and the following should help you prevail:

Some things are more then obvious, at the end of the average blockbuster movie the hero will win, this would not be considered a spoiler. Giving away the twist as to how he does this would be.

Casting. Occasionally, more with TV series than film, the presence of an actor (an occasional character say) can be a spoiler. Also giving away a character's role may ruin the narrative i.e. Saying that Giles appears in the penultimate episode of a season of Buffy when he'd been absent for most of that series would be a definite spoiler.

Spoilers, if they absolutely have to be put into a review should be behind spoiler tags and warnings, but the review should function without the spoilers.

If you absolutely have to discuss something that would be a spoiler, go and start a thread in another forum, leave the review forum for people to gain an idea of what you're reviewing without it being spoiled.

5. Make the title of the thread as clear as possible. People should be able to tell the content of a thread from its title. For example: "Ghost Rider" is a valid thread title. "OMG this = teh suck!!111!" is not.

The review should also make it clear what exactly you are reviewing, don't be vague. There are 13 books in the Dune saga, three versions of the Lynch movie, two miniseries and many more audio readings. Your review should be clear enough that the reader doesn't have to spend half their reading time working out which version of what media as performed by whomever you are reviewing. Small clues such as adding the director's or author's name help out with that.

6. Do try to write more than 5 lines:

"This movie stunk. It was a total rip off of Revenge of the Nerds. Watch Revenge of the Nerds instead."

That is not a review, don't waste our time and space with it. If you don't have a paragraph or two worth of cogent thought to spill on the subject, you don't have a review. Wait for someone better than you to write something, then put your "lol, I agreez" in there, ya moron.