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2nd March 07, 08:45 AM
You probably didn't know that I crank out t3h ph4t b34tz in my spare time. Here's my latest drum & bass track:


Check that shit.

Yiktin Voxbane
2nd March 07, 09:01 AM
To my ears it was a tad lengthy ..but then again I have the attention span of Pus.

Could envisage some stop-motion MMA action spliced to that .

Good stuff.

2nd March 07, 09:29 AM
Thanks Mr Hurty pants. Length is average for the genre.

3rd March 07, 01:51 AM
K here's what i think. I just listened to it twice.

There's a really busy drum track you use in the beginning that rises in pitch, correct me if i'm wrong but did you use it again in the track? i was waiting for it, but didn't hear it.
edit: nevermind, i heard it.

the bass line you used is...i'm not sure the word for it. I hear it in a lot of jungle tracks mixed with reggae or rap. something with an MC. anyway, it's cool and shit but i think a ...lower frequency?...bass line would be better suited to this track. y'know, that shit that you feel more than hear. i love that kind of bass.

anyway, it's a keeper. moreplz, kthxbye.

3rd March 07, 05:46 PM
It's been years since I listened to any drum and bass. Makes want to fish out my Dieselboy cd's. Thanks, bro.

4th March 07, 03:43 AM
Nice for a beginner.

Listen to Neildo.

4th March 07, 05:26 AM
I'm not a beginner.

4th March 07, 06:07 AM
Sounds like the bass drum note on the a of 2 on the second measure of the main riff was retarded during input or when it was quantized giving the whole thing a stilted, stumbling effect. same thing when the beat breaks down a couple times during the main part of the song.

What are you using to write with if I may ask?

4th March 07, 03:01 PM
I don't know what you're talking about but I use Renoise.

4th March 07, 04:29 PM

5th March 07, 12:55 AM
Thanks for that link. I guess you might be referring to then ghost snare which is like a muted sub-snare used to give the drums some "roll".

Are you a drummer THX?

5th March 07, 02:09 AM
Thanks for that link. I guess you might be referring to then ghost snare which is like a muted sub-snare used to give the drums some "roll".
No, I'm referring to the bass drum that IMO interferes with the overall feel of your composition.

Are you a drummer THX? Yes. 25 ear-splitting years.

Try slowing the main riff down and put it to a sixteenth note click to anylize it and you'll (more than likely) see what needs changing.

If you are counting eighth notes (your current hi-hat) it would be at about 14 (seventh downbeat) when the bass drum sounds like it hits about a sixteenth late. you could get away with that feel if there were a ghosted snare 1-1/6 before the BD but even then, it may still be a bit clumsy.

Overall though I like it. I would add some cymbal spice here and there to fine tune it but yeah, being a drummer makes me pick it apart more than the average person.

The last thing you want in a composition is stuff that slows down the feel.

5th March 07, 11:12 AM
im in ur buzzmusic, stealin ur tracks

5th March 07, 03:44 PM
Dude your ambient and IDM stuff kicks ass! I'm rockin out to 'Nightrunner' right now. Keep it up!!