View Full Version : History of the Amen Break

16th February 07, 07:46 PM
I was browsing around looking up stuff on drum and bass and stumbled on this little gem. The Amen break is totally one of the most commonly used drum breaks in music (especially the stuff I listen to) and I've used it many a times playing around with production myself, but I never knew where it came from, so this was a pretty cool find.


16th February 07, 10:55 PM
Very interesting. Nice find, Kid.

17th February 07, 01:45 AM
Oh yeah, after seeing this video I wanted to look stuff up on the Funky Drummer break and turned up this sweet clip of a guy playing a live rendition on a good ol' fashioned drum kit


17th February 07, 03:08 AM
I remember hearing jazz drummers using that break way before the Amen rercording. (I'll try to dig up some old jazz solo records)
It is remarkable how popular something can get when certain people latch onto it.