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11th February 07, 02:44 AM
Talked about before. Enjoy?


There is nothing more to say....

"They are so usable in Christianity.." ug.

11th February 07, 02:56 AM
I know one fat bitch who could use a 40 day fast.

11th February 07, 03:00 AM

11th February 07, 06:38 AM
I hate evangelists.

11th February 07, 07:16 AM

Marjoe Gortner.

I was watching that youtube thing there and figured it has to be some sort of like national lampoon hoax or something... then I wiki'd it. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marjoe_Gortner)

Watching him count the money, wow. Talking about how it's a business, man, it will likely sicken me, but I think I have to see this.

Oh, and yeah, that "youth minister" in Jesus Camp could really stand to appreciate the irony of her preaching to all the little children about how adults are fat and lazy and that they need to fast more. Also, her conversation with the radio talk show host near the end, when she's going on about how she wishes mroe churchs indoctrinated children the way she does.... man, so damn sad.

Ze German
11th February 07, 07:36 AM
Reminds me of that really great "discussion" I saw on CNN about atheism:


11th February 07, 11:02 AM
Nutjob christians do more harm than people think. I went 1 semester to a christian extremist university called Lee University in Cleveland, Tn. While it isn't quiet as extreme as Jesus Camp, it is still pretty far out there.

For example, Every student is required to attend church on campus at least 2 times per week and sometimes more. Nearly all textbooks have overt religious themes, regardless of subject. I had one P.E. books that actually said Jesus approved of athletes taking creatine.

The student body is abnormal on many levels. To begin with, the porportion of married students is much higher than a regular university. In fact many freshman come in married. The trend seems to be getting engaged your freshamn or sophomore year and getting hitched your junior or senior. I think this has to do with their views on pre-marital sex. They don't have way to release sexual urges outside of marriage which leads to many young people marrying for no other reason that to get it out of their system.

Most students come from extremely sheltered backgrounds. I actually talked to one person who honestly didn't know what opium was. Its not uncommon to find 20 year old students with the maturity of a 17 year old.

My biggest problem with extreme christianity is how it brainwashes women. Most of the chics on campus believe they have to do everything their husband or fiance tells them. This combined with their sexual immaturity leaves them extremely vunerable to "players". Naturally no women were allowed in male dormatories. When I first arrived they made exceptions for family members. I mean its normal for moms and sisters to visit their sons and brothers, however; the second semester they actually made it a punishable offense for your mom to step inside your dorm room. I don't know if they were trying to prevent incest or thought your mom might find the temptation to shag your roomate too hard to resist.

I dropped out my 2nd semester due to the religious extremism. The final straw came with my dorm preacher (yes every dorm had its own live in preacher), knocked on my door at 7:00 am and began preaching to me. Attending was a huge mistake on my part

11th February 07, 01:06 PM
Mein Kampf by Jesus Christ.

11th February 07, 02:03 PM
"Jesus Kampf"

Lol, that's funny.

11th February 07, 02:11 PM
"Jesus Kampf"

Lol, that's funny.

True, dat.

Dagon Akujin
11th February 07, 02:19 PM
My parents made me go to a Christian University in Indiana. Yeah, religious nutjobs FTW there.

I knew this one couple that came in dating as freshmen. She was the guy's first girlfriend. They were quickly engaged, and set their marriage for just after freshman year. He wanted to become A PASTOR and she wanted to be a pastor's wife. We laughed about how "proper" he always acted, especially after we found the girl chewing on his crotch in his dormroom one night.

Anyways, we could all tell that their relationship was held together simply by the fact that they wanted to bang. And bang they did, after they got married in the summer. And since they screwed each other, they had nothing in common any longer (since their one commonality was wanting to bang each other). By the start of the next school year both of them had cheated on each other and had sex with multiple partners.

I also knew a guy who masturbated to math. Homework time was his "alone time". One day I'll have to tell you guys the story of George getting chemical burns on his pen0r.


11th February 07, 02:32 PM
Masturbated... to MATH!?!?!??!

I mean... I know this math major, that whenever you ask him something about math, he starts talking real fast and a bit louder--clearly excited. But this guy has a girlfriend. And she's pretty hot.

You don't masturbate to math. You cry yourself to sleep over it.

11th February 07, 02:37 PM
Obviously some of the radical Evangelicals preachers do it for the money, but my time at Lee University has lead me to believe that most of them do it for the attention. I think most of these guys wake up one day with the realization that they are just oridinary Joes with ordinary lives and ordinary jobs. They want to be "special" but unfortunatly most accomplishments take lots of work, dedication, and intelligence. Why work your ass off to become highly respected when you can be the center of attention by being Preacher Bob Shiny Pants. It doesn't take much work to be "annointed by God". I mean it can't be verified and who would argue with God.

I'm convinced most of the higher ups at Lee don't believe their own shit and do it merely to be in the spot light and have people respect them.

11th February 07, 02:49 PM
What about Jesus? Is it OK to masturbate to the Lord?

11th February 07, 03:07 PM
What about Jesus? Is it OK to masturbate to the Lord?

Now that's a loaded question if I ever heard one.

11th February 07, 03:54 PM
Better to cast your seed into the belly of the Lord than spill it on a calculus page.

11th February 07, 07:12 PM
Alright, now that's just fucked up.

11th February 07, 07:40 PM
Dude, it's Reese.

I would expect nothing less.

20th February 07, 05:23 AM
You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to THX-1138 again.


21st February 07, 10:59 AM
as scary as that is...at least they don't tell them they will go to heaven by killing as many non-believers as possible.

21st February 07, 03:25 PM
That's like a rapist saying that at least he's not a child molester.

21st February 07, 03:42 PM
Oh man. This is why love being a Catholic. You can be religious, believe in "Non-Violence", and be totally open to not being a douche at the same time. I very rarely find that in other forms of Christianity, and the only other person saw like that was a 7-day adventist that went to Binghamton University with me, he was not a complete idiot.


21st February 07, 03:59 PM
Now we get to hear from the followers of the church of pedophilia and AIDS propigation..

21st February 07, 09:16 PM
Oh man. This is why love being a Catholic. You can be religious, and not really go to church or be religious at the same time.


5th April 07, 03:48 AM
Okay so i watched trailers.

She actually believes that by being bigger fanatics then people in the mid east is good?

Isn't that counter productive? Why would you want to become as fucked up as the middle east?

5th April 07, 03:57 AM
People in the middle east are fanatic about a pagan moon god that's really Satan. She's fanatic about Jaysuz and The Lawd. Big difference.

5th April 07, 03:58 AM
... Why would you want to become as fucked up as the middle east?

Religious fanaticism.

5th April 07, 03:59 AM
Shawarma was just a little quicker.

5th April 07, 04:19 AM

5th April 07, 04:21 AM
Because the new Cold War between "The West" and "Islam" that ultra-faggots everywhere are fnarging about is driving moderates to the extremes.

5th April 07, 04:55 AM
I wonder how popular this is though? HOw has it been received by most evangelical christians?

5th April 07, 04:16 PM
They don't talk about it because it's the logical conclusion of what they are trying to do.

They don't go that far themselves because they'd be kicked out of the 'main stream' and then would have no voice at all. Better to lead others to being fundamentalist (while the ECs keep their 'credibility'), than be fundamentalist themselves.