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5th February 07, 07:51 PM
Dead Man's Shoes (2004) - Shane Meadows. 35mm print. Classification Rating: 18 (BBFC).

Returning home from a stint in the army, Richard (the main protagonist) proceeds to exact a manner of justice and revenge for those responsible for taking his impressionable mentally handicapped younger brother into a lifestyle of drugs whilst mentally tormenting him. With his brother pointing out the guilty, Richard faces them seemingly without fear or conscience on his driven mission for retribution.

It's a revenge flick, that much is obvious when it's looked at objectively, however this film succeeds due to its excellent execution. Set in the North of England, and following in the vein of British Realism, Dead Man's Shoes manages to convey a realism to the revenge film never before seen on screen.

There is nothing in this film I could find fault with, the direction brings out the best of what is available, the locations reinforce the themes of the narrative and the scoring roots the narrative both in reality and into the very thoughts and feelings of the viewers.

The acting is without equal, there is no overpowering performance that steals the film or detracts from the viewing process. Notable are the star, Paddy Considine playing Richard and an impressive turn by Toby Kebbell as the mentally challenged Anthony.

If you only see one British film in your life, see this one. Even over things like Withnail and I, Shaun of The Dead, Layer Cake and every other passable film to come out of the British film industry, this film is quite simply better.

The film is deeply rooted in its British setting, as someone who automatically relates to it as a matter of course I am unsure if it will be diminished if viewed by a non-British audience.

Dead Man's Shoes' Final Score: 8.8 - When I decided on this scoring system for my Sociocide reviews my idea was to have 0 - 3 for bad films, 3.1 - 6 for average to decent films, 6.1 - 8 for very good films and 8.1 - 8.9 for the very best of the best, the paragons of the cinematic world. I did not think that any film would breach a 9, this film very nearly did, and its score was dialled back in the name of objectivity as I'm still ranting about it to my friends. As a point of note, Serenity only actually got a 5.5, it was awarded a 6.0 to lessen the inevitable flame war.

5th February 07, 08:17 PM
I'm only responding to this because of what you said about Serenity.


5th February 07, 08:28 PM
Great, I fail to avoid the flame war on the first thread and get image macro stabbed on this one.....

5th February 07, 08:35 PM
If I see this movie laying around somewhere I'll give it a look see.

5th February 07, 10:14 PM
Given as it's a low budget British realism flick, I can't see it lying around the local Blockbuster Dai, especially in the States. It'll either be special order only or appear on a decent movie channel first.

5th February 07, 10:56 PM
Tsk, you mistake me sir. By "laying around" I don't mean on some store shelf or any other physical anything. If it pops up, I'll see it.