View Full Version : Little Mosque on the Prairie

4th February 07, 03:10 PM

Anyone else seen the pilot? I just watched it. I have to say, good concept, poor execution. The accents are like daggers in my ears; the lead female actor strikes me as never having made it past a high-school drama production of My Fair Lady; and the supporting cast just screams "well, we're from Canada, don't expect too much."

There are some pretty funny quotes, though.

"That might be a little weird to a Christian."
"Weird? They drink Christ's blood."

"If you're a feminist why do you cover your hair?"
"Its about modesty. Your hair is a part of your sexuality, you only show it to other women."
"So you're gay?"

4th February 07, 03:13 PM
I agree, could have been better. Much better.

It needs a taste of good old rick mercer. Id love to see that.

4th February 07, 04:51 PM
Hmmm, the clips did not draw me in.

Nifty idea though.

4th February 07, 05:56 PM
No, it's pretty awful. The third show is much better than the first, though. I'm hoping after one season under their belt they'll at least be on par with the Teletubbies in terms of acting prowess.

I'd really hate to see an excellent premise go to waste.

4th February 07, 08:16 PM
It had lots of viewers for the premiere but then just bombed.

They need better writers and actors.