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4th February 07, 06:56 AM
So, nerdrap...is it good? We saw it start to become mainstream with Wierd Al's "White and Nerdy", but is this really a new musical movement? White guys rapping about nerd life? There is one NerdRapper that I have taken a liking to. To hear his latest and greatest you can go to ytcracker.com . Personally, I have found it fun to listen to, hopefully you will agree.


4th February 07, 02:46 PM
MC Chris: clearly the front runner in the world of nerdrap.

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4th February 07, 05:03 PM
It's called nerdcore. While funny, IMHO it still pales in comparison to death metal.

4th February 07, 05:06 PM
In terms of the funny?

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5th February 07, 04:24 AM
Well, Nerdcore is intentionally funny, while Black Metal is funny, but not intentionally. Death, Thrash, Speed, Goth, and Math Metal are just awesome. Epic Metal is funny, but still cool. Hair Metal is funny, even to the point of self parody now.

I'm still in the process of trying to figure out what's Metalcore and what's Nu Metal Screamo. Damn kids.

Speaking of which, what the hell ever happened to Industrial and Grunge? I kinda miss 'em.

5th February 07, 12:45 PM
MATH METAL????? Dude. I gotta hear some of that.

I just checked out a ytcracker track, was okay. Kinda slow. I like my dope jamz.

Also, Xioxou with the correct. MC Chris is da man.

5th February 07, 11:03 PM
Isn't too bad, nothing super special.

Not on topic, but listen it Immortal Technique.

Edit: I mean 'listen to'

5th February 07, 11:49 PM
DUDE!! Immortal Technique pwnz!!

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6th February 07, 06:34 PM
Math Metal? Listen to Tool.

6th February 07, 10:54 PM
Tool is Math metal? That's kinda Disappointing. I was thinking crazy drums, fast guitars and dudes screaming calculations. boo.

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7th February 07, 01:23 AM
I believe that's Algebra Metal. Or Geometry Metal. Calculus Metal? My head hurts.

7th February 07, 08:15 PM

I'll stick with old Yes!

8th February 07, 01:28 AM
Math metal is using things like wierd time signatures and signature changes that are hard to follow. Let's you do some cool stuff if you're creative enough.

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8th February 07, 03:28 AM
Huh? Time signatures? Changes? I'm tone deaf. It's probably why I like death metal. I'm not musical at all, so I like noise. Probably why I dug industrial; a lot of it was sound samples instead of instruments.

8th February 07, 07:27 AM
Weird? Like Dave Brubeck did in "Take Five"? Nah, that's old news by now. *sigh*

If you like noise, try Phillip Glass. Sounds like angry insects half the time.

11th February 07, 10:46 AM
Or Lenny Cohen. The true father of grunge.