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Dark Helmet
28th January 07, 06:05 PM
Kenny vs Spenny:

A reality show that pushes the bounds of decency in the quest to entertain us.Kenny(the funny one) and Spenny(the unfunny one) who face each other in funny,juvenile competitions to determine who is the best.The quest:Glory.

Humiliations clip.
From wiki:

Each typical episode is based on a competition statement which states the goal that the competition will determine. The competition rules are agreed upon by the two roommates, and there is typically a method of judgement or refereeing involved in order to distinguish a definite loser and winner. The detail of these rules and conditions has increased in response to the competitors continued attempts to find loopholes within the rules. The reality of the show is heavily debated. The competetors' personal lives are often brought into the competitions, including their families and friends. The winner of the competition gets to assign a "humiliation" (any task they choose) that the loser must perform.

The main entertainment elements of the series are the comical and irregular competitions, and the contrast in personality between Kenny and Spenny. This contrast usually impacts the way each approaches the competitions. Kenny's approach is typically more unorthodox, and often includes a willingness to use whatever means necessary including cheating to win. Although he doesn't always break the rules he and Spenny agree to at the beginning, he is always willing to bend the rules, and usually ends up performing the tasks assigned in a unique way. Kenny sometimes admits to the belief that he cannot win certain competition if they go through and attempts to cause Spenny to fortfeit........

Kenny vs Spenny: First One to Talk Loses episode
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

This was the first episode I've ever seen and I'v been hooked on it ever since.

Ps:Yes!Bianca is really hot jew babe.

29th January 07, 12:33 AM
Don't watch this, don't find it that interesting.
But that last one....delectable!

29th January 07, 01:41 PM
This show is great. Best was the silence contest when Kenny was trying to bang Spenny's sister!!!

billy sol hurok
30th January 07, 07:15 AM
Vilket skitsnack!

Robot Jesus
2nd February 07, 04:21 AM
dead octopus+acid=awsome

21st September 07, 12:10 PM
Just saw the two of them walking with two other dudes. Downtown Toronto, King and Sherbourne.