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28th January 07, 02:33 PM

Oh Mr. Fantastic with your flappy, falppy arms....

28th January 07, 07:40 PM
He's right about the ''clone sister'' comment you know......

Sun Wukong
30th January 07, 02:18 AM
No way... wolverine now has a clone sister? holy crap, can they sell out any more than that? When i started reading the x-men writers actively parodied tactics like that with mojo-worlds x-babies.. when it was purposefully designed to be campy.

30th January 07, 03:57 AM
I hate the concept of x-23, but most of my fellow geek friends love her.

bad credit
31st January 07, 04:22 AM
Are you kidding? Wolvie's had at least one real kid over the years, and one dead fetus, and if I were to go digging in my collection, I'm pretty sure I can find some other bastards.

bad credit
31st January 07, 04:26 AM
BTW, I saw this a long time ago.

Kinda sorta reminds of that Powers storyline about the human college kids LARPing in superhero costumes getting killed off one by one.