View Full Version : 1950' propaganda said we had nothing to fear from radiation.Duh!

Dark Helmet
24th January 07, 10:56 PM

"This film tries to dispell fear of nuclear radiation by such tactics as portraying the human body as a factory run by pixies, telling you you can always get a toupee if your hair falls out, and informing you that you'll be dead before getting a high enough dose of radiation to make you sterile. The naration is alternately patronizing and clueless, making this a highly amusing example of 50s cold war propaganda. ... (more) (less) "

It starts with the narrator stating that "......complete recovery is more probable" from radiation poisoning.

24th January 07, 11:10 PM
I love this stuff.

Creepy, sad, comic, and unfathomably stupid.

25th January 07, 01:07 AM


26th January 07, 11:51 PM
i guess his principle worry after all was cutting himself open with his razor...