View Full Version : Battlefield use of the 12 ga shotgun in Vietnam

17th January 07, 05:25 PM
Great footage.


17th January 07, 05:29 PM
Well...not what i was expecting.


17th January 07, 05:40 PM
Oh no's!

Even the pure hearted troops are not immune to the power of the weed!

How will the WAR ON DRUGS ever be won!!!!!

17th January 07, 05:44 PM
One of the few times my Uncle has actually spoken to me about Vietnam, he complained that Brass was always trying to get him to crack down on pot in his platoon.

17th January 07, 06:15 PM
I'm reminded of that scene in 'NARC' where the dumbass tried to smoke some weed through his mossburg and blew his face off.

+ rep for DT. Awesome find.

Sun Wukong
17th January 07, 10:28 PM
It sounded like they edited out that guy saying "F*** this war" under his breath at the end.