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5th January 07, 09:08 PM
Edit, this began as a thread about the preview for "Moral Kombat", but then I got all hyped about Jack Thompson and his seemingly unstoppable idiocy, so here yo go.

Oh yay, another "documentary" about the ills of society and how it's all because of video games. I particularly love the part about how MS Flight Simulator and 9/11, oh and how we're going to see something several times worse than Columbine and it'll all be because of video games.

Fuck Joe Lieberman.

Also, this quote, "violence has always been with us, it's been with us since Cane slew Able, but we've always recognized violence as a vice and not a virtue"... if I'm not mistaken that is Jack Thompson. If it is in fact him, it would seem Mr. Thompson's understanding of human history and sociology is as shallow and laughable as his understanding of freedom of speech and personal responsibility.


As he is the ambulance chasing ring master of much of the rage against video games, here's a G4TV interview with Jack "the jackass" Thompson. The part about how a kid trained on Doom to go out and kill people, seriously... WTF?


Thanks to Destructoid.com we have video of the contempt hearing of Jack Thompson


PArt 2, the after math interview with Battle'n Jack Thompson!

Apparently he really hates "Bully". I love his Kim Jong Il bit.


Jack Thompson on nightline


And while I'm at it, G4TV making fun of Jack Thompson.

The first is the best.



Personally I think they could've made more fun of him, but it was ok. Thompson deserves as many pies to the face as he can get.

5th January 07, 10:21 PM
To summarize the second video:

Jack Thompson: Bully the game could start violent thoughts within teens.

Everyone else: Violence is already existant, and has been prior to Bully.

Jack Thompson: That's not the issue, the issue is that violent images for our kids are bad.

Everyone else: Yeah, well duh. That's why it's the parent's job to, you know, parent.

Jack Thompson: That's not the issue. The issue is that the U.K. has a similar first amendment thingie and they have laws against selling this stuff to teens.

Everyone else: WTF?!

Would someone just hook up some speakers at the bottom of an ocean and play the sound of an ambulance so we could be rid of him for good?

Dagon Akujin
6th January 07, 03:23 AM

I could watch the first and last 30 seconds of that all day long. I watch AOTS to see Olivia (holy crap, did she say something about slipping down my pants?). I don't have any of the new gen systems (PSP doesn't count) but I still watch it anytime it's on. OMFG she even helps out during the sex-chat sessions.

And did you see her jeans in that clip? Take a look at them again. Fucking hot.

I want to derail this thread and talk about Olivia like I want to derail Olivia's lower intestinal tract.


Dagon Akujin
6th January 07, 03:41 AM

HerSpace (http://www.myspace.com/omunn)




WTF though. I don't think I've ever once been attracted to a Japanese girl. And yet, here I am.

6th January 07, 05:09 AM
He's such a fucking moron.

It's funny how he all of his argeuments levetate toward how video games and Islam are distroying the world.

Last time i checked, there were no video games in Germany during the rise of hitler.

6th January 07, 05:19 AM
"Violence has always been with us...but we've always recognised violence as a vice, and not as a virtue."


*tries to stem seething anger*

When Odysseus killed the suitors, it was a virtue. When the Israelites slaughtered tribes, they were virtuous. They weren't necessarily maniacs or barbarians, but they were certainly violent, AND PRAISED FOR IT.

You want to know what the REAL crime is? Making moral judgments and dressing them up as historically-grounded, because you don't have the balls to give any decent reasons of your own.


Dagon Akujin
6th January 07, 01:28 PM
You want to know what the REAL crime is? Not posting about the hotness that is Olivia Munn instead of that old crotch Jack Thompson.



15th January 07, 03:02 AM

Apparently, I'll become a blood-thirsty cop-killing sword/gun/knife wielding assailant, it's only a matter of time.

15th January 07, 03:03 AM
You mean you aren't already?

Dude, what's the hold up?

15th January 07, 03:05 AM
Well, I talked to my parents about it and they told me to wait until I graduate from college.

15th January 07, 03:09 AM
Seriously, though, "We are what we pretend to be" is quite possibly the most retarded statement ever.

15th January 07, 03:16 AM
What about all the good influences of video games? If it wasn't for me playing Gordon Freeman in Half-Life, I would have never wanted to study physics!

15th January 07, 03:34 AM
If we really are what we pretend to be...... I don't want to say it, but it possibly might involve me fighting crime at night and being a billionaire playboy during the day.

15th January 07, 03:36 AM
I'd be smiting dragons left and right with my bare hands.

15th January 07, 03:52 AM
I'd be a fairy princess.

Wait, was that out loud?

Dagon Akujin
15th January 07, 01:22 PM


This post stopped making any sense when the two threads were merged. But then I realized it fit the subject perfectly anyway so I'm keeping it.

Dagon Akujin
15th January 07, 01:25 PM

That's right, Olivia is going to be in Playboy.

15th January 07, 01:47 PM

Dagon Akujin
15th January 07, 02:24 PM


15th January 07, 02:26 PM
Merging with the thread I made for this a while back.

15th January 07, 02:27 PM
God damn that's a good photoshop.

Dagon Akujin
15th January 07, 02:29 PM
God damn that's a good photoshop.

Actually, I did it in Paint.

Sun Wukong
15th January 07, 03:04 PM
That's right, Olivia is going to be in Playboy.
Aside from Hefner being the man... playboy is kind of a shit magazine to be honest. At least as far as the pictorals go... the girls are so airbrushed you can't actually see their skin. They don't look perfect, they look like plastic dolls.

While there may be no such thing as fake breats, there is such a thing as doctored photos. A little touching up... sure. The kind of touch ups that go on in Playboy makes me spend more time reading the 2nd rate articles. Not impressed with that magazine at all.

15th January 07, 03:17 PM
Wow, Playboy sucks so much people have actually begun reading it for the articles?

Dagon Akujin
17th January 07, 12:18 AM
... playboy is kind of a shit magazine to be honest. At least as far as the pictorals go... the girls are so airbrushed you can't actually see their skin. They don't look perfect, they look like plastic dolls.

Test polaroids from Olivia's shoot. Whoa. And untouched.


17th January 07, 12:49 AM
Soooo, you meant to say she'd be in Maxim? Cause those are like Maxim shots.

Dagon Akujin
17th January 07, 01:06 AM
Soooo, you meant to say she'd be in Maxim? Cause those are like Maxim shots.

Those are what she posted on her MySpace... as in... you can't post nudes on those.

17th January 07, 01:09 AM
Who's Olivia?

17th January 07, 01:10 AM
Im with Dai.