View Full Version : The Revolution will not be Televised

Donnely McLeod
14th January 07, 12:17 AM
For those of you who think I'm a kook for completely disbelieving the 'news'. Its 74 minutes long. Its the 2 day coup of Hugo Chavez.


Edit: Alternately, look at the Palace Guards who don't blindly obey orders from the installed government.

14th January 07, 02:16 AM
"Idiot" is such a strong word. We just think you're kind a kook.

14th January 07, 12:07 PM
What's the issue here?

Dark Helmet
14th January 07, 09:01 PM
That country may go to hell.Very soon if my family is right.I have relatives there and they're wondering where could they go if thing get worse.

Robot Jesus
14th January 07, 09:43 PM
I still give Chaves points for gumption. He has largely been a positive force for his country. And perhaps he is too anti America. Our “experts” from the World Bank allowed his country to be rapped. And the US attempted a coup…

How can he not distrust and hate the US.

We kicked him in the balls and stabbed him, and wondered why he might have a grudge against us.

Dark Helmet
14th January 07, 10:16 PM
I still give Chaves points for gumption. He has largely been a positive force for his country. He hasn't so far done nothing for his people.Maybe it's too early to see results.Normally we would need to wait a generation to know if his changes had been made.That's if he's ever had any intent to do anything.

Remember this man has said he's the reincarnation of Simon Bolivar.

15th January 07, 03:13 PM
He'll most likely transform into your typical socialist banana republic leader soon enough, abandoning personal socialism in exchange for fat Swiss bank accounts and abuse of power while still paying lip service to Castro and the like.

His friendship with Iran makes me think he's an idiot. Look Hugo, just because they're anti-American and you're anti-American doesn't mean you have anything in common or that they wouldn't stab you in the back first chance they get.