View Full Version : Why atheism is stupid, straight from the mouth of an obvious super-genius.

7th January 07, 03:05 PM

So I guess that's that. Atheism has been conclusively debunked by some inbred-looking retard who plagiarizes his arguments word-for-word off of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (http://www.carm.org) website. We can all start going to church now.

7th January 07, 03:17 PM
I could have sworn I used the tags correctly this time. Apparently not. Oh well.

7th January 07, 04:25 PM
The guy can't even read well.

I could video tape myself presenting the same statement and I guarantee more idiots would buy it simply because I didn't stutter and I looked into the fucking camera.

This man will not be a mega preacher.

In fact, I think I might just do that. However where he says "atheist" I will say "theist" and the arguement will make a lot more sense, very little will be needed to turn this back to him his putrid ilk.

7th January 07, 04:36 PM
I wanted to see the comments left on Youtube, so I double-clicked on the video and opened 2 windows by accident. Suddenly both videos started playing half a second apart from each other. Psycadellic.

7th January 07, 04:42 PM
I love the way he ends it with "That's the way I see it," because, no it isn't, you moron. You didn't understand a word you just read.

7th January 07, 04:55 PM
I couldn't bring myself to watch more than 20 seconds. My tolerance for stupidity has been somewhat low lately.

Doctor X
7th January 07, 05:15 PM
Babies born HIV+ and addicted to crack.

--J. "He Gives Us ALL His Love!" D.

7th January 07, 07:01 PM
I can't drum up anything but sympathy for the poor, delusional bastard.

7th January 07, 07:44 PM
Any God who'd let this guy keep talking without enlivening or illuminating his words is cruel or incompetent. As this doesn't really square with orthodoxy, I'm going to go with 'doesn't exist'.

7th January 07, 08:04 PM

Why are God's children so damn UGLY (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbO2snqNSFU&feature=PlayList&p=AF9300DB0BA58766&index=0)

7th January 07, 09:37 PM

Why are God's children so damn UGLY (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbO2snqNSFU&feature=PlayList&p=AF9300DB0BA58766&index=0)

Watching that hurt me.

7th January 07, 09:48 PM
Sorry you had to see that Dai.

There are certain realities...
...I want to make sure we have a clear understanding...

7th January 07, 09:50 PM
Ugh, don't talk like her.

God she is so painfully patronizing and vile.

7th January 07, 10:04 PM
God she is so painfully patronizing and vile.
She makes a contribution to a debate that has been raging for literally millenia...

...and titles it "The Final Word."

I can't imagine anything more patronizing than that.

7th January 07, 10:24 PM
And that if you truly seek "the truth" there will be no debate as you will surely come to the same conclusion she has; that is why she does not invite debate. Furthermore, nothing she shares with us is her opinion, but that of God- she speaks to us on God's behalf.

I'm sure our lord is thrilled.

To be fair, she is considerably better at this than the troglodyte in the first video of this thread.

7th January 07, 11:00 PM
If she wanted to know God's word, why the hell would she look in a bible?

7th January 07, 11:08 PM
Remember, kids: Atheists, agnostics, and Satanists are all the same thing.

Doctor X
7th January 07, 11:14 PM
Actually, you could have just written "Democrat."


Though years back I had a friend who is now a Republican State Senator who was screamed at for being Pro-Choice. His Democratic opponent was Anti-Abortion. Apparently, according to this screaming fat old lady, Big Daddy himself would defeat him for not being Christian and all of that.

Apparently, Big Daddy missed the polls that day . . . and has every election since.


8th January 07, 02:35 AM
he would be 100 fold more convincing if he could pronounce the word "validity" in a way that didn't make it sound like he was rejected from hee-haw.

8th January 07, 02:39 AM
The paradox is that the punishment for the correct pronunciation of four syllable words is a lifetime ban from the set.

Sun Wukong
8th January 07, 05:18 AM
Drama-queens for christ...