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Dark Helmet
28th December 06, 08:44 PM
While the title, Turist Ímer Uzay Yolunda, attempting perhaps to be misleading. This is Star trek, albeit an even lower budgeted than the original American version.

The episode - or movie seems to be a rip-off or mish-mash of several episodes of star trek all rolled up into one; Episodes "I,Mudd ","That which survives" and "The Man Trap". Interestingly enough this last episode seems closely similar to the plot of the Turkish version.

With the hint of Pink Floyd at Pompeii in the soundtrack of the movie and everyone seemed to be much tanned and greasy looking for a space crew.A Female ships crew that could beat even the best at a Ms Butterface contest. You quickly long for the long legs of Nurse Chapel.

They run into the actual center of this story .A man named Turist Omer Uzay whom seems to be in the middle of a shot gun wedding when he is teleported throught time....... I guess?He runs into the crew who brings him up the ship. After a few tests are performed on him.The crew is finally satisfied that Omer is a buffoned Turk they soon relax their guard. He sticks around for the length of the show and Mr Spock seems to learn to tolerate him.

His stupid antics however move so far away frm the original plot of "what the fuck is going on on this mutha-f%ck'en planet" which was the death of crewman green shirt.Oh yeah!By the way.There's a changeling running lose on the ship sucking peoples salt.

The crew soon discovers the hidden secrets of this world .Kill a few aliens but without any serious attempt to delve further into the mystery the story ends like that.

The whole movie is divided into 9 sections running close to an hour. I will post every youtube link available. I will tell you that parts 2 -4-5-7 and 8 are noteworthy for at least a guffaw.Removing a lot of unimportant dialogue that you wouldn't understand anyway since it's in Turkish.

Enjoy!!Because I sure didn't.

Captain Kirk fights solo against a fire breading alien and is rescued by Mr Spock.

This fight scene is taken out of one of the most popular episode of Star Trek.

.....and the salt sucking aliens are shot.With one final unmistakable Pink Floyd esque sound.

Sun Wukong
29th December 06, 07:42 PM
Turk's should stick to making porno.

29th December 06, 09:11 PM
Who the fuck wants to see naked Turks?