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28th December 06, 12:56 PM

Production has begun on the CBS reality entry "Armed and Famous," which follows five "celebrities" as they train to become police officers in Muncie, Ind.

Erik Estrada -- who played a freeway patrolman on "CHiPs" -- is undergoing police training with singer La Toya Jackson, son-of-Ozzy Jack Osbourne, pro wrestler Trish Stratus and "Jackass" star Jason Acuna (aka Wee Man).

"Armed and Famous" will follow the five stars as they experience the same training police reserve officers go through, followed by graduation. After that, the celebs will go on patrol (while carrying guns) with the same training officers who traditionally ride with rookies.

According to a story in the Muncie Star Press, Jackson had already failed a physical fitness assessment because she couldn't complete enough push-ups.


This could be entertaining. I'll definately waste some time watching it.

28th December 06, 02:28 PM
Oh god yes. Erik astrada and Wee Man on patrol!

This pleases me.

28th December 06, 02:43 PM
Damn, Jack Osbourne is badass at the range. I was trying to take a screenshot of the clip, but apparently I can't do that.

Here's the clip: http://www.cbs.com/innertube/index.php?src=email&vid=124212&format=wmv

Lousy commercials.

edit: okay the cbs website pisses me off. can't take a screenshot of their video player, cant embed said video, gotta disable pop-up blocker to view this clip. argh!

28th December 06, 02:44 PM
Flippin sweet.

I +rep you for this awesome nugget of TV goodness.

28th December 06, 02:57 PM
This might actually be decent.

28th December 06, 02:57 PM
Wow, between this and that Muay Thai special, Jack Osbourne is cultivating the Jr. Badass image. It'd be funny if at some point during their training he got to beat up Erik Astrada.

And holy shit, Latoya Jackson's face is almost as scary as her brother's. Seriously, she was like 15 feet from that target and 11 of her shots weren't even in the black.

28th December 06, 03:18 PM
I'd actually want Erik Estrada to beat up Osbourne.

28th December 06, 03:42 PM
Acually, I think out of all those celebrities, the one I most want to see impose his will through sheer violence and domination is Wee Man; Wee Man should fucking destroy them all.

It will be the ultimate test of his Jackass training. When he enforces the law with his ability to take a stapler to the face or swim with crocodiles, a whole new brand of SD/RBSD/MA will be born: Jackass-jitsu.

28th December 06, 04:04 PM
Until this show starts, this thread is about the bundle of awesome that is: Wee man.


28th December 06, 05:51 PM

28th December 06, 06:56 PM
Those were pretty cool. Usually when midgets do something, it turns out to be a total gimmick based on their size, but this guy seems pretty cool.

29th December 06, 06:16 PM
Size gimmick:


29th December 06, 06:59 PM
Yeah that's something a child or an Asian person couldn't do. =/

9th January 07, 11:19 PM
~phew~ I thought I missed it.

Starts tomorrow.

11th January 07, 12:33 AM
I almost did miss it.

Caught the last 20 minutes.

The show is a lot like 'COPS' but with a bit more reality-show-iness, interviews with the stars and crap. I was entertained.

Ponch busted an old woman who was selling drugs. She was pretty happy to be busted by Ponch.

Jack botched a search on a dude involved in a domestic dispute. He got away with it this time, but he learned his lesson.

Latoya did a good job controlling a big damn crackhead, and clearing a room with another crackhead who both had warrants out. The big guy even answered the door with a crackpipe in his hand.

Trish attended a house fire and consoled the people who lost their house. She looks damn good in that uniform.

Wee Man macked on some ladies. I think he also smacked his own head with the door of the cruiser.

14th January 07, 02:50 PM
I just wanna see them get peppersprayed.

bad credit
21st January 07, 04:11 PM
So... they only had three weeks of training?

I've watched this show. Jack Osbourne busting people for drugs and then lecturing them. Wee man does the same to some kid for DUI and pot. This from the guy who ran around naked for most of Jackass 2. Pure hypocrisy.

Also, aren't there height/weight standards in the police? I know you can't be too short or tall in the military or you won't fit in uniforms or vehicles.