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24th December 06, 05:35 PM
Thanks, Strongbad!

24th December 06, 06:07 PM
Aw, well at least I enjoyed them.

Here, I'll even help you.

Maybe it's old, I don't care. It's new to me, and I laughed.

Part 1

Part 2

24th December 06, 10:26 PM
LOL, nice!

For me to do something like that I'd have to be blind drunk.

I think they would frown on giving me a new license when I was reeking of booze, tho...


24th December 06, 11:27 PM
That's awesome. Especially the last one.

But what are they doing? Getting new licenses for the same name, repeatedly, or getting new licenses? Cause here, I don't think that would work, and you also get the license mailed to you, you don't get it right there.

24th December 06, 11:55 PM
In WA you used to be able to walk out with your license when you renewed it. Now they give you a photo copy of it and then you wait for the 'tamper proof' version to arrive in the mail.

I guess VA still lets you walk with the real deal right after you renew/test.

Yiktin Voxbane
26th December 06, 11:23 AM
/Chuckle ....

Nice find .