View Full Version : What Happened to Staging Ground

12th December 06, 04:31 PM
It disappeared on me....

Veritas et Lux!
Jimmy The Hutt

12th December 06, 04:39 PM
Yeah, i can't see it either.

12th December 06, 05:21 PM
Who fuckin' cares?

12th December 06, 06:21 PM
Staging Ground is no longer with us.

For the time being, just use your best judgment for where you post new threads.

Judah Maccabee
13th December 06, 08:25 PM
You might wanna mass PM or post this elsewhere. Fuck, it'd be more helpful than that shit I get from "Zoints" about my profile every week.

19th December 06, 01:08 AM
Moved and stickied.

Yiktin Voxbane
22nd December 06, 12:03 AM
Judah w1nZ tEh intrawebnets with that Avatar .