View Full Version : Making Black Men Rap To Avoid a Ticket...Wrong, Apparently

3rd December 06, 11:37 AM
An officer in Tempe, Az pulled over two black men for littering and instructed them that if they rapped about the dangers of littering, they could avoid a ticket. The litterer rapped a little and was let off, everyone laughed, and they were let off. It was all on video for a public TV COPS type show, and apparently, liberals were offended by the cultural insensitivity shown by the officer (WTF?).

If a black officer told me I could get out of a ticket by dancing a celtic jig and singing a chanty, I would start jigging.


3rd December 06, 11:48 AM
"Hey, why don't y'all sing us a good ol'e nigger song?"

3rd December 06, 12:17 PM
LOL, the reaction was as if he had actually said THAT.

3rd December 06, 01:25 PM
It's perfectly acceptable if it's done in a loving (http://www.ladyofthecake.com/mel/saddles/sounds/worksong.wav) way.

3rd December 06, 01:55 PM

3rd December 06, 11:05 PM
That gif is awsome.

Truculent Sheep
4th December 06, 05:58 AM
This shows the chronic lack of imagination amongst cops. If I were in his position, I'd stop several old ladies for speeding and then make them perform lewd acts on each other while I recorded it on my camphone. Now that's what I call creativity.

4th December 06, 06:13 AM
At least he didn't whip out a basketball.

Truculent Sheep
4th December 06, 06:16 AM
Not at all - think of the fun you could have. In fact, you could come up with a game whereby you stop two speeders, get them to compare the size of their penises and let the longest one go! It could start a trend in policing.

4th December 06, 06:18 AM
I'm glad I don't drive.

Truculent Sheep
4th December 06, 06:19 AM
I use buses and trains, myself.

4th December 06, 06:24 AM
Just wait until New Labor introduces the Public-transport Entrance and Exit PEnis Examination (or PEEPEE). Slogan: "PEEPEE will keep us terrorist-free."


Truculent Sheep
4th December 06, 06:28 AM
It wouldn't surprise me if that's in their next manifesto. Statist wankers.

4th December 06, 09:42 AM
"But first a number. You know. A musical number. You got in in your blood boy."
Harry Morgan as Gen. Hamilton Steele on MASH.

4th December 06, 11:09 AM
I cannot imagine not driving and considering myself an adult.

4th December 06, 11:13 AM
"Here's a piece of cardboard, I WANNA SEE SOME BREAK-DANCIN'!"

4th December 06, 12:25 PM
Man, that shit is weak yo', me and my b-boyz, we take it to the streets fo' real yo' ain't got no fuckin' car'board man.

4th December 06, 12:58 PM
At least he didn't whip out a basketball.

"Excuse me while I WHIP THIS OUT."

4th December 06, 02:17 PM
Lol at CNNs headline of this. "Cop Tells Black Men In Benz To Rap Or Get Fine."

Cop, upon seeing two black men sitting in a parked benz:
"Hey, you, coons! Y'all better sing me a nigger song unless y'all wants ta be Rodney Kinged! Or you can just pay a fine, that's cool too."

4th December 06, 02:43 PM

I wonder if there'd be a fuss if he asked them to just tell him a joke or answer three simple questions like, "What is your name? What is your quest? What is your favourite colour?!"

In fact, I want video of a cop doing that, hobbling over to someone's car looking all shifty eye'd and doing his best bridge keeper impression. That'd be fucking sweet.

6th December 06, 10:44 AM
If the guys in the car had any hair on their ass they would have done the routine from blazing saddles.

6th December 06, 05:26 PM
I cannot imagine not driving and considering myself an adult.

I know how to drive, and I have a licence, but I haven't driven since I injured my spine.

6th December 06, 05:31 PM
I know how to drive, and have driven, but do not possess a valid drivers license, or functioning vehicle. I have technically owned 2 vehicles, but have since parted with them.

Also, I play video games. I am comfortable with my juvenility....is that a word?

6th December 06, 08:06 PM
My mindset wouldn't apply in the city. If I lived in Vancouver, I wouldn't give a shit, there's the Skytrain and buses. Here there are shitty buses and if you miss one...well, you just missed work for that half of the day, at least.

9th December 06, 11:24 PM
I know what you mean. To get to UW from the transit center there is a direct bus. The problem is the last one comes at 7:40 ish and the first one leaves school at 12:40 ish. So Tuesdays, when my first class is at 1:30pm, I STILL have to get to school at around 8:30am and sit around for hours.

10th December 06, 12:03 AM
If we go to my sister-in-law's, it takes ten minutes by car, or at least forty-five minutes by train.