View Full Version : You can't get here from there: the logical paradox of creation myths

30th November 06, 02:00 PM
Roughly a one hour lecture about how all creation myths are logical failures.

Watching it now.


Judah Maccabee
30th November 06, 09:33 PM
G-d isn't logical.

Having faith in G-d is. But believing that your faith in G-d is a logical exercise is illogical (and hilarious).

30th November 06, 09:40 PM
God damn that intro was long. Shut the fuck up and just ask her out. Don't pussy foot around it.

30th November 06, 10:25 PM
Well that was a load of shit. It was just a series of examples without any real analysis or debate/discussion.

30th November 06, 10:33 PM
Yeah, that's pretty much what I realized a way in, and then I almost felt bad about posting it.