View Full Version : Snoop Dogg is a G-ddamned Genius

Judah Maccabee
7th November 06, 08:58 AM
Snoop Dogg is releasing his 8th studio album "Tha Blue Carpet Treatment," featuring everyone from Dr. Dre and Ice Cube to The Game and Nate Dogg. But he knows that an album with even a high-roller lineup of rap artists needs to make market penetration in the oversaturated "White suburban" market.

What better way to put out his thug, anti-establishment image than to repeatedly get caught with weed and weapons? Then to top it off, fuck with the Prince of Denmark.

How many rappers say that they fucked with real royalty? Not the American type of royalty based on cash, power, and accomplishment, but old-school, as in, bloodlines and aristocracy and all that shit. 50 Cent didn't do it, Kanye West didn't, Diddy didn't do it. And if Diddy didn't do it, then Snoop Dogg did.

Though at this point, how will he or other rappers top themselves now?

My prediction:

Someone's going to punch out the coming infant monarch of the Japanese emperor dynasty.

7th November 06, 03:53 PM
Snoop D_g fucked with an honorary Aussie?

That's it.

*rolls up sleeves*