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Diggler McFeely
5th November 06, 02:06 AM
This video cracks me up...


5th November 06, 02:13 AM

5th November 06, 02:39 AM
It's like the complete antitheses of the original rap artists: English girl in the UK.


Oddly satisfying.

5th November 06, 02:42 AM
I couldn't sit through that shit...and I'm high. The world ain't ready for another bitch like Eminem, IMO.

5th November 06, 03:52 AM
Yeah, but this one's supposed to suck cock.

5th November 06, 05:01 AM
How awfully homophobic of you!

5th November 06, 05:43 AM
Word, yo.

5th November 06, 02:29 PM
I couldn't sit through that shit...


6th November 06, 01:49 AM
Just what the world needs: Chav rap

6th November 06, 03:23 AM
Hap Keef jus' bus'd a cap in tha correct's ass yo'.

6th November 06, 03:34 AM
Honestly, for the first few bars, I thought this was MC Chris.


This would be a better thread if it was.

I honestly want to go to England just to laugh at Chavs. They're adorable.

6th November 06, 03:48 AM
Walk out your front door and laugh at a wigger.

6th November 06, 03:50 AM
Walk out your front door and laugh at a wigger.

Yeah, but in this country, as rare as it is, wigger's can have guns. That and wiggers are rather rare here in cowboy country. Though I do titter and point from time to time.

What the fuck's a chav gonna do? Draw his sword?

6th November 06, 04:00 AM
Well...worst case scenario, you'd get some experience defending against multiple attackers with blunt instruments...which could almost suck worse than being shot.

I knew some wigger nazis (I'm not making this up...fucking guy had a bling swastika) who had guns and were tough, and they pissed off some country Indians who booted in their door and beat the fuck out of them with bats. One guy tried to pull a knife, and got stabbed with the it, another pulled a gun and got a bat in the dome.

This was preceded by the Indians driving their car through the Nazis front wall...guns are cool and all, but...

6th November 06, 11:35 AM
Don't mess with BFI's. It's just a bad idea.

bad credit
13th November 06, 05:49 AM
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p48icgIs4sI I like this one better.

I frickin' hate wiggers, chavs, and most rap. This chick looks like Sporty Spice's younger sister, though, and I would totally hit it.

13th November 06, 06:53 AM
Watch your mouth, call wiggers lame.

Diggler McFeely
13th November 06, 06:57 PM

gemmsyboob (http://www.youtube.com/user/gemmsyboob) (3 weeks ago)
omg yas av just listerned t er song about ppl dissin take d hint n shhh its d voice da counts not tha shes black or white or even sound jamaican shes an amazin artist shout out t da gurl x