View Full Version : So, what are y'all's thoughts on the movie Harsh Times?

3rd November 06, 01:57 AM

Site. (http://www.harshtimes.com/)

I like Christian Bale's acting so I'm very interested in this movie. After Batman Begins and The Machinist (which I've yet to see but know of his devotion to really becoming the part), it seems he's yet again reinventing himself.


3rd November 06, 10:38 AM
Looks rather over the top.

3rd November 06, 11:33 AM
I loved Training Day, but I'm starting to wonder if this director has a "white boy finds his inner gangster and kicks black/latino ass" fetish.

bad credit
13th November 06, 06:05 AM
What's wrong with promoting vigilante violence against gangbangers?

13th November 06, 09:25 AM
Its not that that makes this retarded. Its that he seems to be running around with them. How in gods name does a 40 something year old white guy get even remotely close to vatas locos?

13th November 06, 12:52 PM
Because he plays a cop?

13th November 06, 01:10 PM
Even MORE convincing. How does a 40 year old white cop get remotely close to hispanic gangsters? I can see him in uniform patrolling, but he seems to be part of the community. Fuck no.

13th November 06, 01:53 PM
My thoughts? Worth the download.