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2nd November 06, 04:50 PM
As a kid I grew up watching all sorts of movies, cartoons, educational films, documentaries, public service announcements, and all other manner of media about our evil empire enemies, the Soviet Union. Truly, if you want an education in the Cold War, watch Red Dawn, Spies Like Us, Rocky IV, & Red Heat.

It slipped into my head the other day that I had really never seen anything from Soviet TV. I feel like I've been missing out; I more than got our side of the war of video- oh Maxwell Smart, so silly-, but now that it's over I think I owe it to our vanquished foes to see just what they grew up watching.

Wait, did I just say "vanquished foes"? Uh, yeah, anyways.

So, this thread is for any video, audio, or even nifty propaganda posters (so many to love) produced in the now defunkt USSR.

I'll get things started.

Фильм. Фильм. Фильм. (Film. Film. Film.)
An animated short about how a film gets made.

Конфликт (Conflict)
Really great anti-war animation. Understanding of Russian not required.

First part of documentary on Soviet animated propaganda.
I would rather post the original films themselves, but that is easier said than done. This piece shows a lot of animated shorts with English voice overs in place of the Russian and includes some good interviews on the subject.

Olobyannui Soldatik (my keyboard isn't setup to type in Russian, that's right, I've been cheating and copy-pasting, sorry: Toy Soldier?)
A cartoon from 1959 feautirng love, sacrifice, class equality, dirty capitalist opulence, and ballerinas. No subtitles or anything.

The Hedgehog in the Fog
Russian with subtitles I can't place (French?).... weird.

The Bremen Town Musicians
1969 take on classic fairy tale; craptacular music. No subtitles or anything.

Will post more, perhaps even some tha aren't cartoons, as I find them.

Please contribute if you can.

4th November 06, 08:42 PM
Alexander Nevsky. 1938. run time 1hr 47min. English subtitles.

Description copy/pasted from googlevideo

This film portrays the struggle of Prince Alexander Nevsky and the citizens of Novgorod against invasion by the knights of the ... all Crusading Order of the Teutonic Knights, culminating in the epic battle on the ice of Lake Chudskoe (Peipius). Prince Alexander Nevsky was later canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church and became a Russian national hero. This film was produced on the eve of World War II and alludes to the threat of Nazi Germany (note the swastikas on the Catholic bishop's mitre). Its showing was suppressed during the period of German-Soviet Non-Agression pact (9/39 to 6/41), but revived after the Nazi invasion. It was directed by Sergei Eisenstein with Nikolai Cherkasov in the title role.


Ivan the Terrible, Part 1. 1944. run time 1hr 38min. subtitled in English

Bout the first Tsar of Russia, good old Ivan the.... well, you know. Some truly extravagant costumes and sets, interesting to see so much on screen- will in the first few minutes anyways, not that far in. Not that I really use the word all that much, but if ever there was anyoen who just looked like a prat it's the guy who plays Ivan.


part 2. 1946. runtime 1hr 25min


Experiments in the Revival of Organisms. 1940. runtime 19min. Narrated in English for showing abroad.

The infamous dissembodied zombie dog head video. This is rather unpleasant.


Firing Range. 1977 (I think). runtime 10min. English subtitles.

Truly unique animation style. War bad, capitalist swine with their colonies will kill themselves with their warlike ways, indigenous peoples are natural communists.


Porog. runtime 1hr 27min. Spoken Russian with the rare German subtitle for no apparent reason.

According to the google video description and what little I can catch fromt he dialogue (Chernobyl, radiosa) and a map shown before the title, this is a film about the damage caused by the Chernobyl incident. Again, according to the google video description this was banned in the USSR.


Solaris. 1972. runtime 2hr 39min. Spoken Russian only.

Was redone in 2002 starring George Clooney.


Диверсант. 2004. runtime 1hr 45min. Spoken Russian only.

IMDB lists it as "Diversent" which is pretty much how you write that out in our alphabet, but I have no idea what it actually means. It took some searching as the video google entry had no English, no dates, and nothing to really clamp onto, but I found it on imdb and nailed it by matching the actors names- woohoo, I can read cyrillic! Anywho, I'm posting this cause the opening credits had Russian troops drilling h2h techniques mixxed in with stock footage of WWII, it would appear to be an unapologetic action movie made for Russian TV. I know, I know I am breaking my own rules as this was not made during the time of the USSR, but I couldn't stop myself- THEY'RE DOING LIKE KUNG-FU FORMS AND SHIT!

Seriously, look at the little preview window there, is that not a classically chambered punch?


5th November 06, 03:48 AM
I hope you guys appreciate just how many gymnastics, hokey, and "Back in the USSR" videos I have to sift through to find this shit.

Say what you want about the old USSR, but you can't deny they had a damn good anthem. Here's a music video for it that feels very much like the old music videos of the Star Spangled Banner that would play on basic cable channels before they went off the air at night, ya know back when tv went off the air.


Вреднюга. No details, no subtitles either, just an animation from the USSR. Reminds me of gumby.


Seasons. Circa 1970. Runtime 9min. Another artsy animation


Fragment of some soviet sitcom..... oh the 70's, or perhaps even 80's. Whatever.

The guy all over the singer is the definition of awkward.


The girl and the Dolphin. 10min. Again, a weird animation that just begs for LSD.


Hahahahaha, cops in the Soviet Union were fun loving guys, everybodies friends ^_^ From 1979, Пограничный пес Aлый- I'm not even gonna try, a short excerpt.


Волк и теленок (Wolf and???deer???). 10min. Another screwy animation.


Встречайте бабушку. 10min. More stop motion goofyness.


Жадный богач. 4min. More goofy animations, nifty music.


Early soviet computer animation. 1min 24sec. Word.


6th November 06, 06:46 PM

Zombie dog head video. o_O

Truculent Sheep
6th November 06, 09:55 PM
I can remember 'Film Film Film' being shown on Channel 4 when it had just launched in the UK. I was five... 'Firing Range' is just the dog's bollocks. (As opposed to the re-animated dog's head.)

Seriously though, it's so sad that Soviet and Eastern Bloc animation is so overlooked these days.

8th November 06, 01:07 AM
Maybe if they had more tentacles?

Red, slimey tentacles spreading west across Europe and reaching out over the Atlantic to violate our Lady Liberty with their dirty, dirty communist impulses.

Red Elvis
27th November 06, 11:45 PM
Maybe if they had more tentacles?

Red, slimey tentacles spreading west across Europe and reaching out over the Atlantic to violate our Lady Liberty with their dirty, dirty communist impulses.

Da Komrade... violating her underparts like yankee pig dogs in heat no?

I like wery much theves videos!

28th November 06, 10:58 AM
Your schtick never ceases to amuse me.

28th November 06, 11:43 AM

a) thanks for the flashbacks asshole, now I won't be able to sleep.
b) how did you manage to miss Nu Pogodi, the ONE cartoon that was of any worth in the entirety of the USSR.

Nu Pogodi, a blatant ripoff of Tom & Jerry

Dark Helmet
30th November 06, 07:47 PM
I can certainly see why soviet spy Daulton Lee chose a 40 year prison term then freedom in the USSR.

Red Elvis
7th December 06, 11:21 PM
Your schtick never ceases to amuse me.

It amuse me as well komrade. Wery glad am I to rediskover it!