View Full Version : Patriotic Army Recruitment Video: Rough Draft?

1st November 06, 08:14 PM
Perhaps not how I'd open a recruitment video, but all the same fascinating. The army's apparently changing it's slogan from "Army of One" to "Army Strong". From what I can gather, this is a video they toyed with while on the quest for a new slogan/recruitment campaign: "boots on the ground", I guess.

Again, our media tags fail us, click to open. (http://mfile.akamai.com/21772/wmv/gannett.download.akamai.com/21772/streaming/wmv/bootsontheground.asx)

I have to say I appreciate the stark honesty "this job can get you fucking killed", but I wonder if this is the version that's going to make it onto national TV or into your recruitment pitch.