View Full Version : Arab TV's Dr. Phil let's us men folk know what the womens is thinking

1st November 06, 07:48 PM
Cursed media tags won't work here, just click for the video fun. (http://embed.break.com/MTY0Mjg5)

Not as blatantly old fashioned as some of the things we get on arab TV, but it's still pretty good.

Hear that Kiko, think first, post second.

/I'm just kidding, please don't stab me.

1st November 06, 07:58 PM
In other words, menfolk are a little slow, and it takes them some time to understand what's being said? How dare Dr. Phil insult menfolk in this way. Fatwa I say!

1st November 06, 10:21 PM
The video would be better if 'men' was replaced with 'everyone who's not retarded' and women was replaced with 'Stirolak'.