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We are the Strange is an animated feature film in which two diametrically opposed outcasts fight for survival in a sinister fantasy world. After meeting in the somber Forest of Still Life, an abused young woman (Blue) reluctantly follows a care free dollboy(Emmm) to Stopmo City on his unreasonable quest for ice cream. They're lives are constantly in jeopardy after they're caught in the middle of a deadly battle between bizarre monsters on their way to the ice cream shop. A flamboyant ultraviolent hero(Rain) appears and effortlessly dispatches all the horrible monsters in his path. Blue meets Rain before he partakes in an impossible battle against the source of all that is evil in Stopmo City. When it seems as if darkness will have the last laugh a gleaming fist made of aluminum foil bursts through the ground thus starting the final showdown between mega_good and hyper_evil.M dot Strange makes filmmaking history, creating every frame in the entire 88 minute feature film himself as a one man production powerhouse with his trademark "Str8nime" style. Str8nime is a bold and vivid new style that is a mixture of Strangeness, 8-bit videogame culture, and Japanese Anime. With several more feature films currently in development, the future of cinema is guaranteed to be a little well....Strange.

Str8nime (Stray-knee-may) is a new style of animation invented by M dot Strange for use on "We are the Strange" M dot Strange spent the past 10 years honing his deadly Str8nime style before unleashing it with "We are the Strange" Str8nime combines Strangeness+ 8 bit videogame culture + Japanese Anime to create the innovate scathing visuals that have become the vivid trademark of M dot Strange. Audiences all over the world will soon have the opportunity to experience the mind bending, mega_em0, hyper_aggr0 power of Str8nime.

M Dot Strange info: Legally insane professional weirdo. One man evil animation studio. Like's ramen and udon noodles, the Oakland A's, coffee, and wearing mismatched sox. Says the word "hella" like hella. Used to be a video game thug rapper wearing a Powerglove and touring public toilets. Made "We are the Strange" because grey aliens from the future programmed him to do so. Lives with a green screen and a bunch of rattling computers. Made over 70 live action and animated short films and one live action feature before "We are the Strange" Has a bike.Meet the d00 who made this thang:
MAster ControL: M DOT STRANGEWriter, Director, Animator, Compositor, VFX artist etc....etc...Sean Boyles info: Sean mega draws stuff all the time. M dot Strange and Sean Boyles hang out all the time in the basement. They set things on fire for art...yeh.... not just because they like burning things. Sean paints UFO's and IAC's in his spare time so he spends a lot of time in Dulce, New Mexico. Check out Sean's site here or an M dot Strange/Sean Boyles animation side project here.Co_conspirator:
SEAN BOYLESProduction Illustrator, pyrotechnicianNoise Inc. info: Noise.Inc is an experimental multimedia project brought to life in early 2006. the main member and founder of this project is Peter M. After taking his home band Sweet Noise to peak of success in Poland / Revolta White Shock Woodstock performance for 400 000 people and creating the best selling hardcore album "Time Of The Shadow People" being the highlights/ he decided to explore the experimental sides of music and most of all to reach the international circuit of both artists and public gathered around the new media.
Noise.Inc is a totally independent structure working on fields of sound designing, composition and most of all exploring the idea of revolting through art.Co_conspirator:
NOISE INC.Sound Design/ Audio MayhemDavid Choe info: David is a mega crazy painter... you've probably seen his stuff somewhere already.... If not check his site here. M dot Strange and David Choe are neighbors who play tennis occasionally. Dave lends his voice to the character "rain" in We are the Strange. He also did some art for the apocalyptic finale of the film. Be sure to check out Harry Kim's documentary about Dave here.Co_conspirator:
DAVID CHOELead voice actor, illustrator:WE ARE THE STRANGE:
An Animated Film by M DOT STRANGE
88 Minutes, High Def 1080p, 2.35:1, Color, U.S.A./JAPAN/POLANDWe

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Sorry Phrost.

Im really interested in this and want to see how it will turn out.