View Full Version : Internet Video Halloween Fright-fest- BOO!

26th October 06, 12:38 AM
Post your scary videos, bwahahahahaha







Diggler McFeely
26th October 06, 12:58 AM
You broke one of the sacred tenements of this forum ... err, wait a minute, that one be one of my sacred tenements.

26th October 06, 01:27 AM
Which one?

26th October 06, 01:50 AM
You have given out too much Reputation in the last 24 hours, try again later.

Well, crap.

Yiktin Voxbane
26th October 06, 01:58 AM
LOL I saw that episode of wife swap, she was Loopy on an ENTIRELY new level

I want a free rock with my next gun purchase too ...

Meh @ 3 & 4

5 made me LOL on a mollecular level.

6 nearly made me neg rep ya :p

26th October 06, 03:38 AM
Every single kill in the Friday the 13th series in chronological order. (http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1715817)

Unfortunately it's n collegehumor, so no can use sociocide media player, wah. Oh well, only seems to work half the time anyways.