View Full Version : P Funk, Atheist Walking.

24th October 06, 09:35 PM
Christians tail atheist through the streets. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WHf5HFDk10)


I thought this would fit our current wave of discussion.

25th October 06, 12:32 AM
Word up, P Funk!

25th October 06, 04:10 AM
I will never ignore the Hare Krishnas that bug me for a few seconds again.

From now on I'll thank them for not following me.

25th October 06, 08:35 PM
P Funk. Keeping it real.

Man he's destroying those two. You can tell that their usual "stumpers" (aka tough qustions) are made for people who lack critical thought.

25th October 06, 08:47 PM
Those guys are fucking morons. Jesus Christ wrote the rules of the universe?

25th October 06, 08:55 PM
It's in the bible... somewhere in the back... After that section where Jesus explains he loves guns and hates fags.

28th October 06, 02:15 PM
That guy is awesome.

But I kept expecting him to crash into something while he was walking backwards.

28th October 06, 02:44 PM
This one's even funnier. Same atheist, and it looks like it might even be the same Christian. At least, he has a similar ratty-looking ponytail. The atheist is being a little less charitable and a little more openly mocking. And his facial expressions are hilarious:


28th October 06, 08:18 PM
Man he get's pro-active in that video and I love it.

Heh, posted by pfunk1.com

Chcecking out that url now. (http://www.pfunk1.com/)

Perhaps Phrost should talk to this guy, tie in a little religious skepticism with our overarching goal of "burn all bullshit".