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Airman Kai
9th October 06, 03:40 AM

Warrock... War Rock... wait, how do you say it again?

War Rock is FREE. No cost, non dinar, zero denero. HAving said that, please understand that this review is biased already. Anything that's FREE makes this reviewer happy.


The first, and maybe ONLY, thing you're going to think about is, "Man, this sure looks alot like Counter-Strike... or wait, It sorta reminds me of Battlefield!" And believe me, you wouldn't be at fault, because War Rock is nothing mor than a new angle on those same old ideas.

Let's take a look at this gem of a download, shall we?

So you insert the magazine here? Oh, wait, here? Huh?

Fro mthe moment you get to the website, you'll realize that user-friendly was not at the top of the list for the developers. That's not to say that it's a big hassle, bu alot of things (the menus, mostly) could have used a bit of clearing up. Most of the buttons during gameplay are easy enough to find out (or read about in the manual, if you're a girly man), and after 30 minutes you'll be into the swing of things.

You've got 5 classes to pick from:

Engineer: Fixes vehicles. Duh.

Medic: You can fix People (including yourself).

Combatant: Your run-of-the-mill grunt, with access to a wider array of assault rifles and other goodies like that.

Scout: Sniper... for camping pussies.

Heavy Weapons: The guy who has the rocket launcher. He blows he living hell out of people.

Most folks pick the combatant, for obvious reasons. Although I've seen scandalous misuse of class exploits in a few other games, nothing really shows up here in the way of cheapness. A medic with a machine gun has the same chance of kicking ass as a engineer or combatant, providing you have the aim.

After every completed match, you get points (a lot if you did well, not so much if you got owned). You use these to buy weapons for future use... simple as that. These points determined your rank (just a marker of skill) in the game world.


Change it up a little, will yah?

There are three different game types: Mission Mode (the beta only has a plant the bomb type mission), Infantry Combat (deathmatch), and Vehicle Combat (Helicoptors, tanks, jets, you name it). No matter what you pick, though, it pretty much means one thing: kill the opposing team.

This may wear thin the many jaded veterans of the FPS kingdom, but 'm just fine with that. The gameplay is smooth and the lag is almost nonexistent. The gunplay feel right, even if it's just a TAD bit unrealistic (but if I wanted absolute realism, I'd go to the shooting range.


Staring down my scope, I see a light!

This game is currently in beta, so more stuff is SUPPOSED to be on the way, but noe date has been dropped. At this point the game's strong point is it's purity. There aren't any hackers, the gameplay is simple but polished, and it's just fun no matter which way you play. You SHOULD be dowloading it right this very second.



Graphics and sound are passable, but certaintly won't make you weep for joy. The real pleasure is the gameplay, which is satisfying and fun. This game garners an impressive:

8/10 on the awesome-o-meter