View Full Version : Scroll bar in posts (regarding media player).

4th October 06, 12:12 AM
Phrost, I've noticed a scroll bar that will appear in the actual posts if the post has big images or what not. I have no problem with that but it seems to mess up videos that are embedded from YouTube etc.

Here is what your submission on my fight vid thread looks like to me:


Even if it worked when I clicked it to play (witch it doesn't, and vids don't work on Bullshido either for me) it would be to tiny for me to watch! Some people seem to be able to see it tho...

Am I just missing a new setting that I can access from the control panel?


5th October 06, 09:54 PM
Yeah, this is really weird. The picture thing is fine. I hate it when people break the borders, but I can't watch videos. =/

6th October 06, 12:09 AM
Try clicking that little up/down arrow.

6th October 06, 04:07 AM
Try clicking that little up/down arrow.