View Full Version : Turtle Rape.

2nd October 06, 02:47 AM

And we were taught that slow and steady wins the race!

2nd October 06, 04:08 AM
for some reason the sociocide media player doesn't work for me. I just get a big white square.

But i once went to the western plains zoo and saw one of them big turtles being raped by another oner one. i was ten and decided id embarras mum by screaming "MUUUUUM!!!!!! THOSE TURTLES ARE HAVING SEEEEEEEEEX!!!!!!"

poor girl turtle was up against the corner of the fence. but it was ok, the guy turtle wasnt getting his tackle anywhere near her and was just unloading onto the ground.

2nd October 06, 10:26 AM

Turtles make awesome noises.

2nd October 06, 10:44 AM
Tortoise. And I didn't know they were vocal. Or that they could charge shit.