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1st October 06, 12:18 AM

One thing i found strange.......why was Jon stewart so buddy buddy with Musharraf?

Musharraf is no doubt an intellegent political leader.

But he IS pretty much a dictator who runs most of the country with an Iron fist.

So why the buddy buddy attitude?

1st October 06, 12:19 AM
Do you really want to piss off a dictator?

1st October 06, 12:20 AM
Yeah but the president is so much more powerful then the dictator and Jon Stewart pisses him off all the time.

So why not shots at Musharaff?

1st October 06, 01:41 AM
Jon Stewart = comedian on basic cable. Musharraf = president/dictator of a strategically important state.
Jon: "holy shit, what is this guy doing on my show?"

Doctor X
1st October 06, 02:04 AM
When has a major leader been on Stewart's show?


1st October 06, 02:08 AM
"holy shit, what is this guy doing on my show?"

I was essentially thinking the same thing as well.

1st October 06, 02:36 AM
However, he has horribly insulted politicians all the time in other situations...

1st October 06, 05:16 AM
If a major foreign leader deigns to appear on your two-bit TV show, you show him some damn respect and don't grill him like a white settler at an Arawak barbecue.

1st October 06, 01:01 PM
That interview got me thinking, as Musharraf may be a bastard, but he's an intelligent bastard: What would be his replacement? If he does get blown up for good (lord knows they've tried many times before this), what comes in after him? I think we all know the answer, and it rhymes with Cali-dan.

1st October 06, 01:25 PM
You have no way of knowing that. The ruling elite of Pakistan aren't taliban-people, even though a lot of Paks are strongly religious, and they will just put another like him in place. It would take a popular revolt to turn Pakistan into another theocracy. It would also happen if they are boneheaded enough to actually hold free elections and allowing religious nutjob parties to run.

1st October 06, 02:58 PM
....pakstani's are way to content these days.

Oh they complain and may even riot every now and then.

But i really doubt they want some enourmous powerful wave of change.

Were too damn lazy!

Not only that, but pakistan used to be a democracy, and a government that rymes with Caliban never came into power.

And pakistan was a mess in those days.

Then again, being born canadian, i dont think i should way ''we''.

2nd October 06, 07:39 PM
I think what you all failed to notice is that Stewart slipped iocane powder into the tea. Unfortunately, like Stewart, Musharaf has spent the last few years developing an immunity to iocane powder.

Stewart had no plans for the interview to go beyond tea, coughing and gasping, "the-the-the-the-tha-tha-that's all folks!"