View Full Version : Wow, LARPing Commandos do Blackhawk Down: APCs, fire, tanks, buses, huge city

29th September 06, 11:25 AM

Blows that other airsoft video I posted clean out of the water.

Holy shit.

Buses, tanks, APCs, cars, junked cars, burning cars, burning buildings- how much money was actually spent on this shit?!

Dark Helmet
1st October 06, 11:52 AM
Without the killing raping and looting itís just not the same thing.

1st October 06, 08:19 PM
I can have infinitely more fun with my friends at a fraction of the cost, by using nerf guns or water balloons.

I mean seriously. If they have extra money, they could just send it to me. I'd spend it on something way cooler than glorified laser tag.